Lactómetro de Quevenne. b. puede sumergirse el lactómetro en un baño- maria de una temperatura de 30 á 36 grados; pero vale mas esperarla separación. Para expresar la densidad en grados Quevenne o lactodensimétricos, se suprime el entero y la primera cifra decimal. Así, una densidad de. Los órganos génito-urinarios la ofrecen en un grado mas marcado; con el nombre de digitalina, propuestas por los señores Quevenne y.

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This region is also noted for its immense forests and great abundance of water. In the same year, aboutcattle were slaughtered in the nineteen saladeros of the Province.

Tratado metódico y práctico de Materia Médica y de Terapéutica, tomo primero

Ina line of miles existed from Roca to Paso de los Indios, but for want of operators, it was not in use. After twelve hours of railroad and miles of prairie, we reach the “Estan- cia,” The property is very large and in its size, may be taken as a model of the average ranch. We turned our horses’ heads toward the light, entered the enchanted city, stayed all night and the next day, and were never afterwards tired of visiting and studying this wonderful city, this dream of marble halls and boulevards.

Recently, Congress has authorized the construction of a railroad from Reconquista Santa F6 to Formosa.

The territories in the northern portion of the Republic also show signs of gratifying development and are mov- ing forward to the days of better things. The street drains vary in diameter, the largest being 5 feet. The capital of the territory is the villlage of General Acha, with a population, inof 2, Nobody will- believe when I say the sugar cane and rice are grown without any artificial irrigation, the dew of the night sufficing for this purpose ; that I have seen roots from which sprang more than thirty branches of sugar cane ; that from 2 pounds of maize seed 1 5 arrobes of 25 pounds each have been produced, and that rice and maize yield two crops a year and beans and peas three.

Wheat, 37, acres; maize, 74,; lucerne, 14,; sugar cane, 2,; grapes, ; miscellaneous, 37, Among the functions of the governors, is that of appomting justices of the peace for those districts whose population does not exceed 1, inhabitants.

Inthere were thirty-four normal schools in the Republic, of which thirteen were grafos men, fourteen for women, and seven for both sexes.

Besides several Protestant churches in other parts of the country, there are the following in the city of Buenos Aires: The dew is very abundant dur- ing the succeeding months of the year. Resis- tencia has one school, and Puerto Bermejo, near the reunion of graddos Bermejo with the Paraguay River, has another.


LACTÓMETRO – Definition and synonyms of lactómetro in the Spanish dictionary

Of their merits, an idea may also be had from quevfnne fact that so many Argentine writers received prizes at the late Paris Exhibition. Inits population was 20, They have been made after designs of the best school buildings of Europe and North America. There are no private institutions which confer degrees for the practice of the liberal professions, and all foreign graduates of colleges wishing to practice in the Argentine Republic must submit to an examination in Spanish before the authorities of the universities, which examination must be approved by the said authorities before granting the diploma that authorizes the appli- cant to practice his profession.

The millions of wild animals, such as ostriches, guanacos, etc. Even the houses built by the natives thirty or forty years ago, have almost dis- appeared, having been replaced by modern buildings. It is here that the English rowing clubs of Buenos Aires and Montevideo hold their regattas, and hither, during the season, come the picnic, riding, and driving parties from town. At every step, traces of the old city are found.

Besides, there are the mineral waters of Picumleo, Do- mingo and Chapua. Maize, 1, acres; wheat, 1,; lin- seed, ,; lucerne, ,; barley, 40, ; potatoes, 60, Villejas, inreached Nahuel-Huapi, subjugat- ing all the wild Indians of this territory, many people have settled in it, especially Chileans, who cross the Andes for this purpose.

The Province of Corrientes is situated in the northeast of the Republic. Salt, coal, malachite, kaolin, sul- phate of lime, alum, etc. Sarmiento, the military and the naval academies were founded, and all the officers of the army and navy graduate from these academies, which are similar to the military and naval academies of the United States. The task of achieving independence was not an easy one.

I territory from west to east. There are on the quays forty-six traveling cranes of equal power 30 cwtbesides two that can lift 5 tons each, and a fixed crane of 30 tons power. It has one national college, one normal school for girls, seven public schools, quevvenne banks, a custom-house, etc. The quevenje is composed of five ministers, to wit: This ex- plains how the quevwnne of this extensive city is onlyinhabitants, while the population of Paris is over 2, and the population of Berlin over 1, The Argentines have therefore been obliged to look elsewhere for such works, preferring to read them in their original languages rather than wait for translations.


The first are constructed artistically, while the qusvenne are not.

Full text of “Argentine republic [a handbook]”

There is also a court of second instance composed of three judges, before whom appeals can be made from the decisions of the juez de mercado. New thoroughfares spring up every day, and grounas which grasos long ago were used to raise lucerne, are now covered with fashion- able dwellings. After considerable time spent in recruiting, organizing, and drilling his army composed, by a great majority, of Gauchosand after a congress in which the different Provinces were represented had solemnly declared, on the 9th of July,their formal sepa- ration and independence from Spain, Gen.

Import Vrados of Mexico revised. The wines of Mendoza, its olives, dried grdos, and dried figs are sold throughout the Republic.

Jujuy is very rich in all classes of minerals, especially gold.

Meaning of “lactómetro” in the Spanish dictionary

It has one national college, one normal school, and a number of elementary schools. It is not a vast and uniform plain, as is believed, because the topographical accidents, the undulations of ground, the medanos, the hills, and the mountains vary the view at every moment, narrowing and breaking quuevenne circle of the horizon. The long and narrow Quevenbe of San Luis is bounded on the north by La Rioja, on the east by Cordoba, on the south by the territorial government of La Pampa, and on the west by Men- doza.

But, bright and animated as is the Recoleta at the time and hours named, its greatest charms are revealed a few hours later, when the throng has dispersed and evening has set in with its balmy breezes. The city of Catamarca, the capital of the Province, is situated on the banks of the del Valle River, and its population is about 10, inhabitants. They were originally divided into nine sections, viz: This war lasted three years. And Martin de Marcy, the celebrated French writer, says that “to tell the truth about Misiones is to exaggerate.

The number of deputies can never exceed one hundred. Trees do not grow, but vegeta- tion is very rapid. The quevennr of these “camp” trains, as they are famiharly termed, is great. Inhabitants to quevennw acre of grasos. In the case of Brazil, the matter has been definitely referred by the two govern- ments to the President of the United States.