Txtng. The Gr8 Db8. David Crystal. The world’s best known linguist takes a hard look at txtng; He comes up with some surprising and. Txting: the gr8 db8 by David Crystal. A linguist finds text messaging nothing to fear, discovers Tom Lamont. Tom Lamont. Sat 10 Oct Txtng has ratings and 52 reviews. Tim said: This book is not written by a cranky old man, an exasperated teacher, nor a giggly 15 year old girl twitt.

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These days he divides his time between work on language and work on internet applications. And I begin with the basic question: Indeed texting is so widespread that many parents, teachers, and media pundits have been outspoken in their criticism of it.

The Gr8 Db8linguist David Crystal attempts to show that abbreviations in language is nothing new, that the abbreviated language of text db88 is creative word play, that texters know when to use proper English, and that our youngsters around the world are not taking our languages to hell in xb8 hand basket by their alternate spellings in text messages.

And far from hindering children’s literacy, texting turns out to help it. Sep 16, Moira rated it really liked it. Crystal cuts through the exaggerations about the dire impact of the medium on language and places texting in context.

Dec 08, tomlinton rated it it was ok. I am writing all this in order to give you my overall perspective on texting prior to reading this book. And they must be stopped. Jul 25, Fareeha rated it really liked it. But once procedures were in place, texting rocketed. Such rapid and widespread adoption, inevitably, pinged panic radars, especially given the phenomenon’s popularity with teenagers. d8b


Book Review: Txtng, The Gr8 Db8

How Weird is Texting? One chapter also gives a limited discussion of texting in other languages. Gartner reported that text messaging generated around 70 billion dollars of revenue in Might people forget how to communicate without a keypad? Big Surprise What really surprised me? I’ve gained a huge respect for David Crystal over the past few years and so was open to his arguments on this subject despite being sceptical.

Besides these really cool, yet random factoids, David Crystal spends a great deal of time explaining all of the aspects of language found in texting – rebuses, initalisms, igograms, etc. I feel that text talk actually enhances the communication process and opens more avenues for communication.

What do They Text About? There is now a widespread folk belief that, whatever texting is, it must be a bad thing. These are fun to look at and an interesting glimpse into how other languages deal with texting.

Feb 07, Joel Arnold rated it really liked it.

Txtng: The Gr8 Db8 by David Crystal

I also believe that any form of tuition which helps develop your awareness of the different properties, styles, and effects of writing is good for you. Illustrated with original art by Ed MacLachlan, a popular cartoonist whose work has appeared in Punch, Private Eye, New Statesmanand many other publications, Txting: Dec 05, Gary rated it really liked it Shelves: The average reader may well have to grit his teeth and persevere just to make it through to the end.


However, the book does not deal at all with the use of texting in online discussion forums, my own personal pet peeve. World figures br8 from 17 billion in to billion in I think that anyone who enjoys linguistics and words would be interested in reading this book. Hardcoverpages. This was one that really interested me as text speak is something that really grates, but is also something I used a lot in my teens!

Does feel a bit dated already. He definitely mined the research fields pretty thoroughly. In fact, a study at Coventry University found that students who used more abbreviations when writing text messages actually scored higher on reading and vocabulary. Crystal, a world renowned linguist and prolific author on the uses and abuses of English, here looks at every aspect of the phenomenon of text-messaging and considers its effects on literacy, language, and society.

Believe it or not, the br8 abbreviations.

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