GOSSEN. GOSSEN. Erlangen. Attachment for. LUNASIX 3. Printed in Germany. e microphotographs. (The following instructions assume that you are. Here are all the pages of the operating manual for the Gossen Lunasix 3 photographic light meter. Lunasix light meters are also labelled Luna-Pro in some parts. You have an older device from GOSSEN? Here you can find the corresponding operating instructions for previous devices in the field of LUNASIX.

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The measured values for reflected light measurement expressed in footlamberts are approx. On certain motion picture cameras, the exposure time at normal speed 16 f. Can anybody tell me where to get the manual for Lunasix?

Where to get the users instruction manual for Gossen Lunasix? | Photography Forums

Like the highly sensitive nerves of your own eyes, the photo resistor should not be exposed unnecessarily to bright light for extended periods. It converts instantly, and without accessories, from reflected to incident light measurement – and you’ll find its one-hand operation even with a glove on a great boon when moments count on location, or in the studio.

Incident light illumination in gosxen. Anything unusual which you – as attentive! The brightest portions of a colour transparency, the darkest portions of a black-and-white print, should still show some detail! The LUNASIX 3 now gives you complete exposure information in combinations off-stops and exposure times 2 and 1EV settings 18 or frames per second for motion picture cameras 3.

This page has been accessed 15, times. But, when is a scene “perfectly” exposed? Photographic subjects are usually three-dimensional and they are illuminated from many different directions sun, sky, reflections from buildings, trees, ground, etc.

Lunasix 3 manual

mqnual That’s especially important for close-up measurements. Light Measurement – basic steps Press the range selector 15 backward and release it when the indicator needle 14 stops moving. When you release the selector, only the scale values applicable to the measuring range which you just selected, remain visible. Be critical of your results! The resultant reading, therefore, depends not only on the intensity of the illumination, but also on the colour and brightness of lunasx objects themselves.


In use, the measurement button is pressed briefly to take a measurement and then the coupled computer dial rotated in the indicated direction until the needle aligns with zero “zeroed” or “nulled”. SBC silicon blue diode Measurement angle: I follow the manual of Lunasix 3 lunasis test zero position of the indicator needle. For black-and-white or colour negative film, gossn, the shadow portions which are to have some detail in the finished print must be given consideration. When exposure modification is in order see page 12you simply choose one and only one!

This page was last modified on 26 Novemberat I’m afraid it sounds like it to me.

I manal what wrong with my Lunasix. Profisix, Lunasix F, Lunalite Type: Deviations from correct exposure will produce trans parencies that are either too light or too dark; you may also get distortion of colours.

Gossen Lunasix Electronic instruction manual, user manual, free PDF manual, camera manual

Incident Light Measurement see also pages 3 and 5 In this measuring method, your LUNASIX 3 “sees” only the light falling on that part of lunxsix scene which is facing the camera – in other words: For reflected light measurement, footcandle values cannot be given at all, since lunassix method measures not the illumination but the brightness of the surface field luminance which can be expressed in footlamberts.

Of course, you’ll want to know what parts of a scene are included in a reflected light measurement. Move the converter slide 10 all the way to the right; this uncovers the round window. Lunasix light meters are also labelled Luna-Pro in some parts of the World. For black-and-white or colour negative films, this is usually a darker area which is to show details in the final print; for reversal colour slide or movie films, however, the lighter areas are usually favoured.


Therefore, keep an eye on such lighter areas and preferably expose a little shorter rather than longer, to get more brilliant colours. In incident light measurement – from the subject towards the camera – the LUNASIX 3 measures all the light falling on that part of the subject which faces the camera. The Lunasix and Luna-pro meters are designed to use a pair of mercury cells. To adjust the indicator needle to the zero check line, turn the zero adjustment screw 24 on the underside of the LUNASIX 3, while holding down the range selector And, normally, the exposure indicated manuwl this manner is perfectly correct.

Make complete notes of the readings and of any special conditions. Gssen name or email address: It might be the reason why I got the much higher light value. Could be the meter is simply broken. If you make several exposures of the same scene or subject with various exposure times, you will almost never get complete agreement among different judges as to which negative or which slide received “perfect” exposure!

Reciprocity Effect Film manufacturers base the “speed ratings” of photographic emulsions on average conditions of exposure times and illumination under which such emulsions are “normally” intended to be used.

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