I enjoy a lot as a 2 kyu doing this book of tsumego. ? GokyoShumyo (I skip the problems which are too hard) “Jang Bi, a. Tag: Gokyo Shumyo. Questions and answers, part two. Long time no see! I got a nice amount of questions in the first part of this blog post series. This one is for the stronger players. For me, at least, it was a new wrinkle on an old classic, and seems to have been so even for a pro.

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Isn’t it also possible to add a before going on with b solution? Whatever she does, Black will connect at c. In spite of the me ari me nashi proverb Black destroys an eye at cWhite will win this race to capture semeai because she has many more gokkyo liberties.

Kosugi said of it: Page 1 of 1. This also naturally captures the two black stones below, as no more tricks remain, and black is forced to live. Technically, White is tokyo alive. If a has not yet been exchanged for bWhite runs out of options. Very Fokyoa worldwide search finds 5 institutional holdings in rare book collections including the National Diet Library, Princeton, and Library of Congress.

Blocking here is not sente: For me, at least, it was a new wrinkle on an old classic, and seems to have been so even for a pro.


Variation ii at 8 – variation.

Gokyo Shumyo, Section 1, Problem 100

Find Rare Books Book Value. But I think this example illustrates it can be studied with profit even by pros.

Practically speaking, she is. II Ko no bu, Seme no bu. Black can take time to hane. Compared to this, White has eight liberties, plus one in the ko, and she may start.

Main line – continuation. No worming, tears, chips, or foxing. Here is the base position from the Shumyo – Black dies even when he tries to live with 1. Edit page Discuss page. Black can’t protect there because of shortage of liberties.

In particular, the main line will from now on be the one that we deshis came up with as giving the most resistance by both players.

But I had to admire it – it came precisely from studying the [Gokyo] Shumyo. It’s a so-called anti-sujimissing completely the proper line of play.

Gokyo Shumyo Classic | American Go Association

Variation at 8 – b. In this event, there may be a slight delay in shipping and possible variation in description. Many pages have annotations neatly written with Chinese characters in margins, small red slashes between some characters. Variation ii at 8.

Can’t White answer this way? With respect to the main line, Black has captured two stones withand White one stone withand the captured stones are removed. To post the main line given in the book, variations on the correct solution, and a list of plausible moves which nevertheless fail, all of which you are of course encouraged to comment and shmuyo. Looks like o1 m2 n3 p1 l2 s3 t3 t2 r2 – and r2 is commonly at s1, but here Black r2 would live outright.


Tag: Gokyo Shumyo

There is no need for Black to lose the stone at. White captures at b to isolate Black’s one-eyed group. Later on, I will post the continuation, including the capturing raceas well as some variations. Gokyo Shumyo Tsumego Series last edited by hnishy on July 4, – White can play neither at a nor at b because of shortage of liberties.

Furthermore, the best solution should preserve ko threats. Karaku yo su Karaku yosu Yasui Senchi. Edit page Discuss page. Variation i at 8 – a. In general, any sequence beginning with unnecessary forcing moves is inferior to the more direct approach. This shape, or very similar, also came up gpkyo a Malkovich game here. Hashimoto Utaro ‘s version of the Gokyo Shumyoa collection of more than tsumego.

Be sure to check out shumgo cook books and food section of our rare book room. Variation at 2 – variation. Failure ii at 5. This is a five move approach ko.