George (Gogu) Constantinescu (October 4, – December 11, ) was a Romanian scientist and engineer, often considered to be one of. Abstract: George (Gogu) Constantinescu (October 4, – December 11,. ) was a Romanian scientist and engineer, often considered to. Gogu Constantinescu had innovative ideas in the field of reinforced concrete and of the mathematical machinery. His technical work includes construction after.

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Simple Harmonic The principal function of hydraulic condensers is to counteract inertia effects due to moving masses.

Theory of sonics – Wikipedia

If more energy is produced by piston b then is taken by piston m the energy will be reflected by piston m in pipe, and the energy will accumulate till the pipe burst.

If the piston is held by a spring at any given moment: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Retrieved from ” https: We can say that what Tesla did in electronics, Constantinescu succeeded in mechanics.

The theory of sonics is a branch of continuum mechanics which describes the transmission of mechanical energy through vibrations. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Born in Craiova, Romania — year — october 4th day — Past away Coniston Water, England, yeardecember 11 th. Although Constantinescu was recognized among bigger names such as Edison, Graham Bell and Marie Curie by the Graphic magazine inhis name was not mentioned over the years as much as other inventors.

Figure I Suppose the crank a to be rotating uniformly, causing the piston b to reciprocate in the pipe c, which is full of liquid. In alternating current flowing a pipe the friction appear at the surface of the pipe and also in liquid itself. Constantinescu argued that, contrary to popular belief, liquids are compressible. He was responsible for creating a new field of mechanics, called “sonicity,” which describes the transmission of energy through vibrations in fluid or solid bodies.


If p is open and d is open, the motor l will rotate synchronous with motor a.

Hydraulic condensers are appliances for making alterations in value of fluid currents, pressures or phases of alternating fluid currents. Waves are transmitted by a reciprocating piston along the pipe eeee. At each in stroke of the piston a zone of high pressure is formed, and these zones, shown by shading, travel along the pipe away from the piston; between every pair of high pressures zones is a zone of light pressure shown in the picture.

The alternating pressures are very similar with alternating currents in electricity. If Nicolae Tesla invented and transmitted electromagnetic waves electromagnetic oscillations through the atmosphere, George Constantinescu invented mechanical sonic oscillations with which he transmitted sonic waves only through continuous media tubes or pipes, water, constantknescu, various liquids, air, gas, or full bars.

For pipes with greater diameter greater velocity can be achieve for same value of k.

George Constantinescu

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The methods of transmitting power known and practised by engineers are broadly included in two classes: The birth of the theory of sonics [1] can be considered the publication of the book A treatise on transmission of power by vibrations in by the Romanian scientist Gogu Constantinescu.

This is similar to the system used on many modern road-rail vehicles. Sonics differs from hydrostaticsbeing based on waves, rather than pressure, in the liquid. If the motor l is not capable of consuming all the energy of the generator a, then there will be a traveling wave a and a stationary wave.

Born in Craiova in “the Doctor’s House” near the Mihai Bravu Gardens, he was influenced by his father George, born in a professor of mathematics and engineering science, specialized in mathematics constantinexcu the Sorbonne University. Archived from the constantinescy on 20 March Gogu Constantinescu, however, has managed to build an arched bridge using this material, although the Romanian government in that constantinesc did not believe in its utility.


The pipe is closed at p, a distance of one complete wavelength. The Constantinesco synchronization gear or “CC” gear was first used operationally on the D. Eva had two children, Richard and Michael, by a previous marriage. A hp petrol engined locomotive with a Constantinescu torque converter was exhibited at the Wembley Exhibition. If the crank continues rotation at uniform speed, a zone of maximum pressure will start from the piston at the same time the reflected wave came to the piston, as a result constantineescu maximum pressure will double.

The laws discovered by Constantinescu, used in sonicity are the same with the laws used in electricity.

Share on Google Plus Share. G the coefficient of transverse elasticity of the metal. In the condenser constantinesvu will have: In a pipe were the currents are flowing, we will have:. Both transmit the waves produced by oscillationsas well as the energy and constzntinescu included in these waves, thus managing to transmit energy and power at small, medium, large, even very large distances, controlling and controlling the phenomena and processes from a distance or a large distance.

The theory was the first chapter of compressible flow applications and has stated for the first time the mathematical theory of compressible fluid, and was considered a branch of continuum mechanics. Constantinescu has continued his successful career, building bridges over Siret in Adjud, Roman and Racatau. Most of his discoveries never could be public because were kept top secret by British ministery of defense ,and were about military technology,about plains and strategic weapons.