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Yes that all made sense to me, but by that point I just didn’t care. The trauma that his father inflict on her mother and him now extend to the girl he love the most, his wife. Chapter 1 “Has he fucked you yet, Katlyn? Sihs take it like a man. There really aren’t enough words to describe the awesomeness that is this book, so I’ll just say that it’s erotic romance at it’s finest.

Not since Fifty Shades of Grey, have I been that engrossed in a book. Violence is ssins more subtle, much deeper, and we are inquiring into the very depths of violence.

Generational Sins

David and Kat love one another unconditionally and try to work towards a life Generational Sins went far outside my normal comfort zone so I was surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did.

This book blajr a hard start and it definitely didn’t leave the reader in any doubt of what they were getting into.

They end up hiding their romance and eventually their marriage from David’s parents as his dad is extremely abusive and David doesn’t want him near Kat. Kat finds him there and they talk and he takes her up to the family cabin samanthha they talk about his views on women.

Generational Sins by Samantha Blair

There were a few scenes within the book involving David’s father that made my stomach roll with nausea. But I was thoroughly disappointed.

This was a big fail because the characters simply didn’t act in any sort of believable, emotionally cree way to the situations the author put them in. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. After being raised by an abusive father, physically abusive to him and sexually and physically abusive to his mother, David Paulson was sure that he could never bring someone more than a one night stand into his life or into his family I highly recommend this book and I am curious to see if Ms.


She is innocent in this, and I cannot leave her. She guided him through her words and actions what it was like to be in a healthy relationship.

Smashwords – Generational Sins – A book by Samantha Blair – page 1

Be wary of such lists! About Publish Join Sign In. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I have read a few I’ve loved and a few that made my skin crawl so much I couldn’t get past the first few chapters. He is gorgeous, goal oriented and wreaks sophistication.

Aug 24, Kathy rated it it was amazing. I found this guy to be a wimp. There are some dark and disturbing situations present too, so be warned. Not for the lighthearted or squeamish. But then David would profess his love to Kat, and it was so obvious he loved her so much that the mix of sweet and sour just worked.

I actually enjoyed reading the different time lines, because, well, it was done just right. I love that, I love characters and real-life people!

Sims still confused if David could handle being a Dom. Generational Sins 2 books. The plot takes an interesting turn towards the end, in resolving the samangha with Richard. At its heart, this is a story about facing your past and your fears, and about the effect of violence on people, be they the victims Ellen or the onlookers David – as well as frwe different types of violence, especially the subtle kinds – because David is a victim too, and it takes the love of a strong woman to help him recover, grow strong and learn the difference between sexual play and abuse.

I have just finished this intense book after not being able to put it down for the last 24 hours. Every woman he takes to his bed needs to resemble Kat in some way in order for him to get satisfaction.


And strength to live. I was really hoping Generational Sin was going to be that kind of dark and disturbing book Roll over Christian, David is here.

Generational Sins 1 Samantha Blair

No, I do not like to read about someone being raped. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. A beautiful and memorable love story. She was my darkest secret and my greatest light If I say This is a beautiful story of love and holding to each other amidst the trauma of an abusive life many readers will raise their eyebrows.

I want a refund! Preview — Generational Sins by Samantha Blair. But sticking with it, it was a lot deeper then I was expecting.

If you are looking for something that will bring a lot of raw emotion to the forefront of your mind then this just might be the story for you. It was not and if 50 shades was your introduction to BDSM be prepared to read a very different take on in Generational Sins.

I found it kept me anticipating what was going to happen next at all times! This is definitely a read that leans toward the dark-side and is not for the faint of heart. Yet, I couldn’t stop reading it. Won’t give anything away except something major happens and it’s life changing for them samatnha. The story ended up going in places that I just wasn’t expecting.

I would often have to go back a chapter to remind myself what had been happening in the past or blaiir. View all 18 comments. I think a normal book may have stopped there, but seeing David struggle as a Dom afterwards just gave a better glimpse into the characters