Pyrovolaki, Marina, ‘Futuh al-Shām and other Futuh texts: a study of the perception Qarāfī, Shihāb al-Dîn al-, al-Dhakhira (Beirut: Dār al-Gharb al-Islāmi , ). Al-Mihan. Edited by Yahyà Wahib al-Jabbüri. Tunis: Dâr al-Gharb al-Islāmi, Al-Tayālisi, Sulaymān b. Dawûd Futuh al-Shām. 2 vols. Beirut; Dâr al-Jil, n.d. By the time of the powerful Fatimid vizier Badr al-Jamali, who ruled Egypt from to , Cairo had outgrown the sun-dried brick wall of.

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Souk El Gharb Arabic: Before the Lebanese Civil Warthis mountain town surrounded by pine woods was a prosperous mountain resort nestled in the mountains gharrb the Aley District of Mount Lebanonoverlooking Saint George Bay and Beirut.

Being located only a few kilometers away from the district capital of Aleyit is now considered one of Aley’s suburbs. South of Souk El Gharb is located the village of Kaifun.

Bab al-Futuh

Prior to the outbreak of the Civil War inthe town, along with neighboring Aley, was a popular tourist destination for wealthy Arab outsiders from the Arab countries of the Persian Gulfwho used to own there luxurious Villas where they spent the summers, escaping the heat and humidity in their own countries.

Souk El Gharb was famous for housing several important schools and teaching institutions in Lebanon, including: In addition to these schools, Souk El Gharb also houses the Balamand university. Souk El Gharb has been inhabited since ancient times, as attested by the Roman vestiges found in the town area. Most of its historical buildings date back at least from the era of Ottoman rule in the 16th Century.


The town itself was the scene of several notable fierce battles during the Lebanese Civil Warits notability arising from being actually held for a long time by the Lebanese Army rather than a particular Lebanese militia.

This was sometimes achieved against great odds, by facing strong pressure from Lebanese Muslim militias backed both by Syrian Army forces stationed at Lebanon and the Palestine Liberation Organization PLO guerrilla factions. Unfortunately for the local civilian population, it also led to the destruction of much of their town.

فـتـوح الـشـام – Futuh al-Sham

In Juneparliamentary elections were held in the town for the first time since the withdrawal of Syrian Army troops from Lebanon. One resident put it in this way: Souk El-Gharb figured prominently in the Civil War years, but during this particular timeframe the town attracted worldwide attention due to the involvement of the United States Navy in the Mountain Warwhose backdrop was the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in June However, it was the official Lebanese Army loyal to President Amin Gemayel ‘s government and not the LF, that acted as gharn blocking force in Souk El Gharb during Septemberthwarting Lebanese Muslim militias’ thrusts towards the presidential palace in Baabda Districtand into the Christian-controlled urban districts of East Beirut.

Baabda lay downhill on the Beirut -Aley- Damascus highway, and any militia forces advancing from the south had to pass through Souk El Gharb in order to get into the Beirut-Aley road.

From that ridge, Druze PLA artillery units had a point-blank light of sight to those areas. The Lebanese Army Commander-in-Chief, Lieutenant-General Ibrahim Tannoustried to get the Americans involved, reasoning with them that they should do so, since the Syrians were backing the anti-government militias. At first, the Americans refused but eventually agreed when they were told that Souk El Gharb was in danger of being overrun.


Eventually, the Lebanese Army’s Eighth Brigade bore the brunt of the attacks, but succeeded in retaining control of the town after three days of heavy fighting.

However, it remains an open question whether they would have held it without the American naval support.

Gharb Al-Andalus – Wikipedia

Some authors, including Thomas Friedman have argued that the guarb of the naval bombardments was the turning point in which the U. Much use was made of landmines in the vicinity of the town and demining is an ongoing concern.

One strategic position known as Hilloverlooking the Beirut International Airport was extensively mined. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

City in Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon. James Trevelyan, University of Western Australia.

Aley DistrictMount Lebanon Governorate. Retrieved from ” https: Populated places in Aley District.

Nature Beach Resort Quinta Al-Gharb (Villa), Vila do Bispo (Portugal) Deals

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