The Futaba 9C manual is pages, but don’t let that scare you. The pages contain explanations of each function of the radio, as well as practical examples. So I got a new (to me) 9C Super recently and could have sworn (prior to purchase) that there was an “aftermarket” manual for this that is easier. I have a 9C and I was told there is a manual on-line you can get that explains function beter. I kinda new to the heli R/C. I raced oval cars for.

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View additional model setups on the internet: The necessary elevator offset varies with model geometry, so it must be determined by noting collective pitch changes at high speed. The rotary dial helps you find the function you need, very fast.

Just bought a EVO Thanks for any replies. Aircraft Frequencies This is a brief explanation of range test. Choosing the right gyro for your skills, your helicopter, and your budget: Enter text from picture: See Twin elevator servos. There are a variety mqnual reasons you might want to use these mixes.

If the time is exceeded, it continues to count below 0. When right rudder is applied, additional torque is needed from the motor to drive the tail left. Be very careful flying maanual areas near power lines, tall buildings, or communication facilities as there may be radio interference in their vicinity. This page in- cludes extensive programming, use, set up and safety information on the 9C super radio system and is updated regularly.


For details on setting up a complex plane, such as one with a v-tail AND a separate steerable nosewheel, please visit our FAQ at www. Curves are separately adjustable for normal, idle-up 1, idle-up 2, and idle-up 3.

They allow in-flight tweaking of the curves for ideal setup. Page 16 Always use an extension of the proper length.

The 9C’s many functions and model memories, ease of programming and quality of manufacture will keep the average radio control pilot happy for many years. Page 11 Mix flaperon’s flap motion to another inboard flap plugged into aux1: Adjusting Display Contrast Adjusting the length of the non-slip control sticks 9ch may change the length of the control sticks to make your transmitter more Stick tip A Locking piece B comfortable to hold and operate.

Cyclic roll is typically called aileron. For feedback, there is also a large, easy-to-read LCD screen. Additionally, different angles of CCPM may also be created utilizing the fully assignable programmable mixes. This is a brief explanation of range test. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions area at www.

online manual for futaba 9C – HeliFreak

This is accomplished by plugging the desired servo Ex: I have a 9C and I was told there is a manual on-line you can get that explains function beter. View additional model setups: The basic radio has eight 8 model memories, and many fliers opt for the module that expands this to fourteen Then push the End button to close the function.


It will take you only a few minutes to get used to this navigation system, which will save you lots of time when setting up your aircraft. It manuql easily removed for channel changes, or to save power when using a flight simulator.

FUTABA 9CAP Instruction Manual

See our Frequently Asked Questions area at www. Please be sure to regularly visit the 9C super Frequently Asked Questions web site at www. ACRO throttle delay, slows engine servo response to imitate the spool-up action of a turbine engine. I don’t know of any aftermarket instruction books for the 9C Don Edberg use to do after market books for the Futaba radios, but I don’t think he has done one in a few years now.

Not a preprogrammed mix.