Here is the autobiography of a remarkable man. Yukichi Fukuzawa’s life covered the 66 years between and , a period which comprised greater and. Fukuzawa Yukichi (福澤 諭吉, January 10, – February 3, ) was a Japanese author, .. The Autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa, Revised translation by Eiichi Kiyooka, with a foreword by Carmen Blacker, NY: Columbia University Press. Autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa has ratings and 31 reviews. Hadrian said: Yukichi Fukuzawa is one of the most recognizable historical figures in mo.

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Reading his book is like hearing your grandfather ahtobiography, in some ways. United Nations UNinternational autoboography established on October 24, Born to a lower-ranked autobiogrzphy family from the Kyushu, Fukuzawa began to rebel against the Confucian-based caste system from the time that he was a child. Each paragraph details a new episode of his history so the pages just fly by. When he autobiofraphy home to Japan, he finds the time to help found one of Japan’s major universities, and sits back and tries to avoid chaos as the military shogunate which has ruled Japan in some form or another for centuries begins to unravel.

I’d rather have less of that and more description of his living quarters, the campus, the faculty or the nature of his students. His only regret was that many of his friends had not lived to see those great accomplishments. Fukuzawa was one of the most influential people ever that helped Japan modernize into the country it is today.

But it was meh, from what I can recall.

Fukuzawa volunteered his services to Admiral Kimura Yoshitake. He was an avid supporter of education and believed in a firm mental foundation through education and studiousness. No single person had any more to do with the social engineering for this miracle than writer and educator Fukuzawa Yukichi. The following year, Japan opened up three of its ports to American and European ships, and Fukuzawa, intrigued with Western civilizationtraveled to Kanagawa to see them.

Fukuzawa greatly aided the ultimate success of the pro-modernization forces. In some ways, it can be compared with Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography.


LOTS of footnotes that help clarify some otherwise potentially obscure information. Yukichi Fukuzawa is one of the most recognizable historical figures in modern Japan. He believed that the problem in Japan was the undervalued mathematics and science. In short, to Fukuzawa, “civilization” essentially meant the furthering of knowledge and education.

Fukuzawa was very much ‘ahead of his time’, but still a product of his time. A must read even if you are not interested in the subjects of Japan or autobjography history. The Japanese conservatives were not happy about Fukuzawa’s view of Autobiogrraphy education. The book details a period of major political and cultural upheaval in Japanese society through the eyes of a man who not only helped to enact a lot of that change but also who has a fascinating outlook on life.

The Autobiography Of Fukuzawa Yukichi

Page has the first mention of his wife. The first volume covered Asian countries, the second volume detailed African countries, European countries were discussed in the third, South American countries in the fourth, and North American countries and Australia in the fifth.

Inhe was attached to a minor post in the first Japanese embassy to Europe. This is not a light read by any means, but Westerners wishing to broaden their literary horizons would do well to read this selection.

Rarely does such a truly influential person write a book. Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. According to Hirayama, Ishikawa inserted anonymous editorials into the Complete Worksand inserted historically inaccurate material into his biography. Nakatsu autobiohraphy, OitaJapan.

Fukuzawa Yukichi – Wikipedia

This is no small achievement. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our fukusawa. Interesting what he said about how Americans didn’t reuse nails from old buildings. The reason that many people believe that the key to understanding Japan today can be found in the Meiji period is that the work that Fukuzawa set himself to do cukuzawa a boy in Nakatsu is still unfinished. He then began to study English, but at that time, English-Japanese interpreters were rare and dictionaries nonexistent, so his studies were slow.

Inhe visited Europe as one of the two English translators in bakufu’s man embassy, the First Japanese Embassy to Europe. Discriminatory statements attributed to Fukuzawa, he says, were actually due to Ishikawa. This is a simple narrative of the life of an extraordinarily talented Japanese man who was a forward thinker in his time.

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His escape from the hopeless destiny decreed fukyzawa his social position, his adventures as a student of Dutch the language of the autobiograpuy Westerners allowed in Japanhis travels aboard the first Japanese ship to sail to America — all prepared Fukuzawa to write Seiyo Jijo Things Westernthe book which autobiographj him famous.

He is dazzled by the full experiences of America – photography, railroads, meeting the president, even American dancing – but he also makes sure to purchase a autobioraphy of Webster’s Dictionary. In a wider context, however,…. Fukuzawa appears on the current 10, yen banknote and has been compared to Benjamin Franklin in the United States. Jul 01, Alex McLane rated it really liked it. He grew to scorn the old Chinese books and methods, and hunts down any new thing he can find.

Really enjoyed this autobiography, it offers a portrait of one of modern Japan founders, his life story, his surprising opened mind in an isolated feudal nation and a look inside the formation of a new Japan. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Jun 28, Lucas Gili rated it it was amazing.

For Fukuzawa, Western autogiography was an absolute necessity if Japan wished to avoid the fate of China.

Autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa by Yukichi Fukuzawa

Later, he moved to Edo and began studying English. Want to Read saving…. Inthe Tokugawa shogunate sent autoboigraphy first diplomatic mission to the United States. Each paragraph details This was recommended to me by a friend who then lent me his copy. Feb 01, Nikki rated it did not like it.

Being under the radar screen he was able to get approval for his studies, an approval which he connived to disguise his real passion for learning Dutch. Yukichi Fukuzawa’s life covered the 66 years between anda period which comprised greater and more extraordinary changes than any other in the history of Japan.