The Fujifilm GA Professional is an autofocus medium format camera include (P) programmed auto, (A) aperture priority, and (M) manual. U FUJIFILM. GA/ GAW. Professional. ลาว. Professional. TO E. m m. ( GA Professional. OWNER’S MANUAL. BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG. Hi there, Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the service manual for the GAzi? Butkus only has the Use Manual and I would quite.

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Exposure and date time information can be imprinted on the film outside the photo area. Learn more about it in this installment of Lomopedia.

FUJIFILM GA645 Professional

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Nice jump in resolution and contrast at this aperture. Fuji claims the batteries will last for shots with no flash use. Dimensions ; my measurements; 6. Reading from left to right, or top down herethe date readsor the 20th of February A fujifllm was used, but no filters.

FUJIFILM GA Professional · Lomography

It takes two sometimes pricey batteries ,anual may not be available at your vacation destination, so keep a spare set handy. The actual picture size on the film is also much larger than format, 2. Working with this camera is a breeze. Here the image softens very slightly due to diffraction. It is based on a 7 element in 6 group lens design with a minimum focusing distance of 0. Nikon F6 Epson R-D1 Film ; standard or roll, with a picture area of 56mm x Just visible is the gray colored MF button located under the lens.


This does not require matching the backing paper start mark to a body indicator for first frame loading. Filter use requires compensation really easy to do though as the metering is through the finder. Scanned on a Nikon Coolscan ED.

Fujifilm GA I / W I instruction manual, user manual, PDF manual, free manuals

Imagine your dreams and shoot them on medium-format! Lorraine Healy continues on her journey of learning how to use pinhole cameras, playing with other new medium format cameras.

Do you like to write down your exposure settings for future use; well, you can keep your pencil in your pocket, the camera records the date and exposure settings along the film margins, not in the picture area! Exposure modes include P fujiilm auto, A aperture fujjfilmand M manual exposure mode. Nikon Df Special Prize Flash ; built-in pop-up type, guide number of 12 at ISOnot user adjustable in power.

There are a lot of positives to mention for this wide angle camera: This makes it a perfect camera for portrait photography. Please consider buying through my links and help support the site. I like the Fuji GA, it provides substantially more resolution than format cameras, which will show up when making large prints, or looking at your images fumifilm a 5k manuxl. The built-in flash is also very handy. Main menu Skip to content.


Thanks for showing me another camera to add to my never ending wish list, ha. Low light focusing is not always spot on, but only noticeable at wide apertures.

The distance unit can be switched between meter and feet. You can be assured that the light metering system does an outstanding job and that the focus is always on the spot. Close the back and the camera detects the first frame. Date of manufacture ; Approximately