Although, that some of their learning resources center is under renovation, you can still say that it was arranged properly. The school library. Technology in the Learning Environment A Portfolio Presented To: Teacher Education Department Northern Negros State College of Science. Republic of the Philippines St. Michaels College College of Education Quezon Avenue,Iligan City Portfolio in FS – 3 Technology in the Learning Environment.

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Word processed, grammatically and mechanically correct. The ICT Resources of our school are relatively new top quality units, and still in condition. In Making a PowerPoint presentation regarding this topic is a good teaching-aid for students to Learn since you can add many important information about the subject matter.

There are no hands-on activities and the student has to have genuine interest in topic because its encyclopedic in its approach. The zinc replaces the hydrogen: It is aware about the whole e. By it designs it holds attention, the contents were appropriate leraning provide learning information, and the boards were not merely filled with written words but also technologj that facilitates easy understanding.


T also brings convenience to the part of tecunology teachers. Cool Science for Curious Kids http: Bigger room so that there will be enough space to display other specimens or equipment rele vant to the learning process, and for students to do some activities inside the learning resource center.

Easy snvironment other computer c. Shockwave plug-in required for interactive demonstrations. There were models and specimens that were being preserved, thus the learners can have a close-t- reality experience.

Through this, the students will be attentive and participative in the lesson and it brings convenience to my part. It teh used for huge activities of the school.

The proper arrangement of learning resources help the teachers and students kn locate it and it brings convenience to both teachers and students. I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude to those who were so generous with their time and expertise: Which of the materials in the learning resources caught your interest the most? What tips can you give teachers regarding preparation of Hand- outs?


After that, if the book was not return they will charge the student 5 peso per hour. Mary Angelie Madrona Signature: Do the guidelines and procedures facilitate easy access to the materials by the teachers? The different Learning Resources that are available in the Audio-Visual Center and Library are arrange properly and there is a sign in which where you can find a certain resources.

It was effective for providing information or developing step by step skills. Visual Skills – Teachers are somewhat like interior designers; they must learming able to visualize the presentation and impact they want to create, then apply those to the display.

Earth and Mars Education Modules http: Upon surfing on the internet, I saw many websites that have programs to make learning fun and effective. I believe in maintaining and in the continuing efforts to improve the quality, relevance and effectiveness of education and schooling I believe in encouraging enterprise for it is in initiative and resourcefulness that we become productive contributing members of the society.

Name and Signature lerning Observer: I choose those several learning resources because for my topic because I believe that it can help me achieve my lesson objectives and to maximize learning inside the classroom. It seems that there was a proper maintenance because most of the books were free from dust. They should put more colorful stuff in their bulletin that are relevant to the students as well as the school in general to catch or attract attention, and so that people and learners will be engage on it.

There should be a covering or outer cover for the bulletin board to protect its content.

Honestly, there was a poor legibility on the handout that I made. The appropriateness of this material can maximize learning inside the classroom. FS 3 gives the pre-service teachers the opportunity to practice child friendly attitudes as they observe the applied principles, methods, strategies, and approaches toteachingusing any of the supporting learning materials envjronment teaching to further enhance and facilitate the delivery of instruction.


Make a report covering the points in the following questions 1. I believe in the beauty and serendipity in the classroom, in the family and the home, in the oneness and diversity of a unified nation, in the strength of a world where countries care for Mother Earth, where they work with mutual respect and harmony, in peace and brotherhood.

Instructional Materials is useful for the students to make the discussion interesting and comprehensible and if the teacher can maximizes the potential of Instructional Materials Reflection and Narrative Report Task 1: You may choose to take photos of the center if allowed.

FS3 Technology in the Learning Environment episode 1

To have a participation from the class, I am going to ask some pupils to give examples of plural nouns and they may use it a sentence as well. Judgments or evaluation of educational content and other aspects: It only cater to those who are interested to apply for their school and for those involved in DepEd information like teachers and other professionals.

I can also insert pictures, video clips and even sounds. This website contains real-time volcano information oearning an interactive clickable map of active volcanoes world-wide and remote sensing satellite images. A Teaching Aids Bank Observe a class on its regular schedule Note down the various teaching aids that were utilized in teaching — learning process Comment on the appropriateness of the teaching aids to the learning wnvironment Decide on a specific content area e.

FS3 Technology in the Learning Environment episode 1

Ths Alipin as my mentor for my Field Study 3. As I look around and examine the board displays, I have found out that every classroom has its own board display. Are they arranged for easy access? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: