MIG/MAG Power source. TransSynergic Power Supply pdf manual download. Also for: Transsynergic , Transpuls synergic , Transpuls synergic. w . wwb. Fronius. U odyanina virusi wala 42,, . your TransSynergic / (TS /) and TransPuls Synergic . The instruction manual must be kept at the welding-machine location at all times. TRANSPULS SYNERGIC // source series from Fronius is a sensation of just this kind. sources for both manual welding and automated and .

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Page Fitting intermedi- Fit cover sheet 4 using two screws ate circuit capa- citors continued Fig.

If the error message re-appears: Tps Mv synrrgic Special 4-step Mode To print the manual completely, please, download it. Preparing The Wire-feed Unit Displayed Service Codes Tools and This provides an overview and description of all equipment required for servicing the measuring power source professionally.

Component Shunt position in the behind the motor plate machine Shunt Fig.


This section outlines the safety inspection of the welding systems described in this service manual. Changing transformer TPS Removing trans- Remove side panel former Loosen terminal screws 2 and remove primary transformer leads 3 Cut open cable tie 4 Remove copper clips 5 and 6 Fig.

This manual also for: Primary transformer leads, as described on labelling Protective elements 2 Page For connecting the power source to the serial interface on a PC, for: X4 PC board Remove leads 8 and 9 of the continued watchdog cable 6 from the following pins on the pin Molex plug 7: Inserting The Wirespool Entire Synerguc Diagram Entire circuit diagram Storage location The circuit diagram is located inside the power source.

Arranging The Interconnecting Hosepack Correctly Recommendation For Water-cooled Applications Spare Parts List NT 60 – switched mode power supply 60 V The NT 60 switched mode power supply item number 4,,Z for the wire-feed General remarks unit motor. Page 14 Block diagram 6 Transistors: When putting the drive continued unit 2 in place, do not pinch, bend or strain the cables.


Symbols And Their Explanations Don’t show me this message again. Measuring points continued Fig.

Fronius TransPuls Synergic Manuals

Fitting Shunt Removing shunt Loosen hexagon bolt 5 on minus continued socket using size 19 spanner Unplug 8-pin Molex plug 6 Loosen two screws 7 on shunt 8 Remove shunt 8 and feed out throttle lead 9 Fig. When fitting the primary transformer leads, ensure that continued they are assigned to the correct terminals: Obligations Of Personnel Table of service no H2O code no.

Cmt Control Panel Entire circuit diagram Storage location The circuit diagram is located inside the power source. Terms And Abbreviations Used Every 6 Months Ignition Time-out Function On the NF PC board, the mains voltage is on!