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To print the manual completely, please, download it. The input signal is a current and is applied to V and V Properties expressed in numerical values without tolerances, ranges or limits stated, represent the characteristics of an average instrument.

Use pm3802 50Q termination.

At 10 MHz; input to deselected channel equivalent to 8 div. The trigger sensitivity depends on the amplitude flukw frequency of the trigger signal. This diagram shows the final intensity Z and focusing amplifiers.

Page Verify that the jitter of the DTB is not more than 0. Check tluke the leads of the replacement part are clean and pre-tinned on the soldering places. Got it, continue to print. The unit A1 description is split into the following chapters: ATCAL can supply several accurate voltages that are used for vertical calibrations.


Then take care that its screen is pressed tight to the front side of the chassis.

Oscilloscope MHz PM Equipment Fluke; Eindhoven

This slowing down of the collector voltage will reduce the switching losses during switching off. The capacitor C determines the cut-off frequency if the bandwidth limiter is active.

Printed circuit board lay-out of Y-out unit This delay is verified in the following test. The input circuit is formed by IC D Page ;m3082 that the delay difference between the two displayed signals is less than 0.

This is present on all 4 channels. For installation, reverse the sequence. The option is factory-installable flukke. The common mode rejection ratio CMRR is a measure of susceptibility to common mode signals.

Page of Go.

Oscilloscope 100 MHz PM3082

TV pattern generator with video output PM test set-up: A rotary incorporates a rotor contact that can make contact with one of the two stator contacts. Rough handling or scratching can cause the CRT to implode.

CHIP C This diagram shows the RC-branches and regulators N that give the supply voltages for the various circuits. The output signals are measured on the X-deflection plates of the CRT. In the signal name list you find the itemnumber of the component that is source or destination. When installing the CRT, first remove its protective cover. Page The oscilloscope must be capable of displaying signal amplitudes that are larger than the screen. Page This delay is verified in the following test.


After repair and maintenance in the primary circuit, safety inspection and tests, as mentioned in The communication from front unit A4 to unit A3 occurs via buffer D Impaired Safety-protection Components which are important for the safety of the instrument may only be replaced by components obtained through your local FLUKE organisation. There is a certain instability in the starting point, the so called jitter, of the DTB.

Components which are important for the safety of the instrument may only be replaced by components obtained through your local FLUKE organisation. Page – Maximum phase shift between horizontal a