The Producer Eterna flowable CVD (FCVD) tool provides a bottoms up, void-free fill in memory and logic designs at nm and below. Low k C-doped oxide (kflowable chemical vapor deposition (FCVD) reactor for W inter-metallic dielectrics (TMD). Quantitative Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) Analysis of Flowable CVD. Oxide for Shallow Trench Isolation of finFET Integration. J. Li1, J. Bruley2.

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Another aspect of the invention relates to a film obtained by the inventive method and composition. In this or other embodiments, the aspect ratio the depth to width ratio of the surface features, if present, is 0.

Flowable CVD Process Application for Gap Fill at Advanced Technology

Methods and system are described for improving quality of the dielectric film morphologically adapted over various device structures. Electronic books The e-book database EBC. In clowable embodiments, the alkyl group does not have one or more functional groups attached thereto.

In liquid delivery formulations, the precursors described herein may be delivered in neat liquid form, or alternatively, may be employed in solvent formulations or compositions comprising same.

Flowable CVD Process Application for Gap Fill at Advanced – Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB)

More specifically, described herein are compositions for forming a silicon-containing film in a deposition process, such as, for example, a flowable chemical vapor deposition. In some embodiments, the substrate comprises a surface feature. The following examples are provided for the purpose of further illustrating the present invention but are by no means intended to limit the same.


In certain embodiments, the reactor is at a pressure below atmospheric pressure or torr 10 5 Pascals Pa or less, or torr Pa or cv. Electrochemical SocietyPennington; CVD Characteristics and mechanism of a-Si: In this experiment, the process conditions used to deposit flowable porous low-k films with the most favorable film properties are as follows: The precursor of claim 14 comprising diacetoxydimethylsilane and at least one oxygen containing source.


Integrating the quadrupole mass spectrometer, optical emission spectroscopy and Langmuir probe as a plasma characterization tools for ECR-CVD with a-Si: Design and simulation of a novel shock accelerometer based on giant piezoresistance effect. Search Expert Search Quick Search. Typical methods for the application of these mixtures include spin coating, dip coating, spray coating, screen printing, co-condensation, and ink jet printing.

In certain embodiments, vapor phase reactants react to form a condensed flowable film.

The compositions can be pre-mixed compositions, pre-mixtures mixed before being used in the deposition processor in-situ mixtures mixed during the deposition process. Films with Cvv of 1. The method of claim 1 wherein the acyloxyalkoxysilane having the Formula I b is selected from the group consisting of: The embodiments and features of the present invention can be used alone or in combinations with each other.

Influence of plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition aluminum nitride with various plasma powers. In another embodiment of the invention, a composition comprises an oligomer obtained from the inventive precursor and at least one of oxygen or nitrogen containing source. The instant invention can provide a silicon containing film having: Scientific Data Management Research Staff. The substrate may be coated with a variety of materials well known in the art including films of silicon oxide, silicon nitride, amorphous carbon, silicon oxycarbide, silicon oxynitride, silicon carbide, gallium arsenide, gallium nitride and the like.


Described herein is a process for the fabrication of an electronic device. The porosity of the film was measured by ellipsometric porosimetry.

Such methods are well described in the prior art and, may include, but are not limited to purification processes such as distillation, or adsorption. The method of the present invention includes the step of providing an in-situ plasma or remote plasma source to at least partially react the at least one silicon-containing compound to form cbd flowable liquid oligomer wherein the flowable liquid oligomer forms a coating on the substrate and at least partially fills at least a flowwable of the at least one surface feature.

In other embodiments, any one or more of substituents R 1R 2 and R 3 are not linked. The silicon-containing precursor compounds described herein may be delivered to the reaction chamber such as a CVD or ALD reactor in a variety of ways. Adsorbents such as, for example, commercially available MgO—Al 2 O 3 blends can be used to remove halides such as chloride. Exemplary aryl groups include, but are not limited to, phenyl, benzyl, chlorobenzyl, tolyl, and o-xylyl. Referring now to FIG.

Thus, such films are suitable for use as low-k material applications. To prevent voiding formation, cross-linking is needed during the treatment.