Buy Feet of Clay: Study of Gurus New Ed by Anthony Storr (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Feet of Clay. by Anthony Storr. On Sale: 14/11/ Format: eBook, Paperback. To read e-books on the HC Reader App download it on: (Opens in new window). Feet of Clay: Saints, Sinners, and Madmen: A Study of Gurus. By Anthony. Storr. New York. Free Press, pages. N.P.. This is a wise and balanced book .

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Storr considers that Harvey was seeking a mother figure which came from the effective loss of his mother at a young age from being sent to boarding school at the age of six. He also profiles Rudolf Steiner and Paul Brunton as mystics with weird ideas who were given to self-delusion.

Quotes from Feet of Clay. References to this book Rational Mysticism: Gurus often subject followers to physically demanding lengthy harangues and control over their lives to test this loyalty.

Apr 09, Caroline rated it really liked it Shelves: Storr believes that we are hard-wired to respect good teachers.

Feet of clay ( edition) | Open Library

How do we distinguish between them? Comparative literature about women gurus would be useful to this being. Feb 12, Mastermutt rated it really liked it. Started out pretty interesting, the first chapter talks about David Koresh and Jim Jones and dudes like that who somehow became gods to so many idiots. What I learned, fundamentally, from this book is to constantly check in the mirror and recognise my own tendacy towards A very important book by one of the truely wise men of the psychiatric profession, or in Storr’s case vocation.


This meditative space was incomparably beautiful and worth anything to experience. Felt like one of those people who tabloids consult to diagnose celebrities from far away Saints, Sinners, and Madmen: Oct 27, Bec rated it liked it. All in all a fascinating read.

Storr argues that people who do this are not immature or neurotic. Most are arrogantly self-certain and otherwise highly narcissistic, even grandiose; some tend to be paranoid while others, such as Rajneesh and Koresh, are materially or sexually exploitative of others.

Yet this to me would seem a vitally important issue. Gurus have no stirr and are intensely narcissistic.

He observes that a similar if differing process exists for scientists and creatives in that they seek tranquillity or order through their work. Paperbackpages. Some were interesting, but I just couldn’t make it through the whole thing, and definitely not through the motif based section. This o closely linked to the intensity of their vision.

Feet of Clay: The Power and Charisma of Gurus

PolomaRalph W. This is characteristic of gurus. Mar 22, Ken rated it really liked it. The role he wanted to assume was that of a mountain guide. Sanders edited Eileen Barker everything example experience external world father feel followers Freud Fritz Peters Gurdjieff guru’s gurus human Ibid ideas Ignatius inner insight J.


FEET OF CLAY by Anthony Storr | Kirkus Reviews

I don’t like to bash, but I just did not enjoy the author’s voice. And buried he rose again, which is certain because it is impossible. Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and Ignatius Loyola, who have had an outsized influence upon psychiatry and Roman Catholicism, are profiled as well. Anthony Cly was an English psychiatrist and author. Some gurus start out as wise men, then promote themselves ceet prophet, and finally claim to be the Messiah or God Himself Rajneesh: Why are some gurus particularly dangerous?

In this book he takes on gurus: We have a strong impulse to put authority figures on pedestals, or alternatively, consider them in a preposterously negative light. Esin rated it really cay it May 23, This book is deeply problematic and biased.

Anyway, it’s basically saying that all people who are revered in ways like these guys are have many similar characteristics, mostly in the childhood lives. Then he finds the theology to justify the craving.