Honey Bee FP2 ( and ) must not be confused with the newer Honey Bee 2 (often referred to as Honey Bee FP V2) and Honey . Discussion REQ: Esky Honey Bee King II Manual Micro Helis. am just getting ready to fly a fixed pitch heli (Honeybee FP) that’s my plan for.

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And thank you for leaving a comment. This caused me more headache!

Leuk dat je mwnual berichtje hebt achter gelaten! But you will need a good charger which can put out the required amps. Do you have experience? XP blades handle wind much better then stock blades. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here One thing that caught my eye was figure 8 o rings.

Esky Honey Bee Fp V2 Case Spares For Sale in Stamullen, Meath from Fore Iron

Replacement installed and I am now able to learn. So if you still learning to hover the church gym is maybe the best option even when you have to find some hrs when it is non occupied. So what happens if you just follow the binding procedure without having the led blink as you like? At least follow Radd’s flight school! And congratulations with being the owner of Big Lama. It took me 60 days before I could hover tail in for 1 LiPo.


Power up TX and push the two left buttons at the same time.

I knew it would be difficult but not like this. Following the instructions I turn off the TX off and power up the Bee then press and hold the unbind switch.

I am slightly disappointed that you have to bind each time you change from one heli to another but at least the settings stay set.

Maybe the gyro reacts to slow and your gain is to low. This will help you progress a lot faster.

Great that we share similar equipment. It can also be the when you leave the ground you will see that the proportional needs to be set again and the gyro needs some attention too.

Also more heavy means more load on the main motor. The heli has to be set up well and this not the most easy task, learning to hover and fly is even much harder. Sorry for not being as clear to you as I wished to be. I live in Texas- US. Flying and building helicopters creates a lot of stress and frustration.

ESky Honey Bee V2 2.4G

One for the main and one for the tail!!! I tried them but enjoyed the Bee better with stock paddles and weights. Mode 1 or 2? The charger I use for Accucell has a 5 Amp and 15V. Your basket is empty. This effect should go away at 1 meter height. Yes on start up it will move but when you apply a little more throttle the tail rotor will spin harder. Hi Richard, Thanks for your comment. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Main reason for no lift is bad blade tracking, or a worn out main motor.

  BS EN 10213-2 PDF

Just that when you get a 2ch and master manua you wish you have a 3ch.

ESky Honey Bee V2 G | BuzzFlyer UK

Time is at a premium just now but not to worry. It is such a lovely piece of clone art. After doing some homework this looks like a possible purchase. It has to spin harder to keep the tail in place. The mod pictures helped me a great deal. Ffp they are only flying well when they are setup very esk mechanically and by tx. Notify me of new posts via email. I have almost no coax experience myself and a size coax sound really great.

Would you recommend these battery? And when you look at the product number you see it is exactly the same as the MAh. It turned out that my 4 bes 1 was dead on arrival. Gues the Nano Tech will be heavier.