According to geographer Yi-Fu Tuan, people have always sought to escape in one Escapism. Front Cover. Yi-fu Tuan. Johns Hopkins University Press, . Escapism has ratings and 17 reviews. Jason said: One of the best books you’ re likely to read if you want to understand the nature of human behaviour. The geographer Yi-Fu Tuan traces the roots of this migratory tendency ‘ Escapism’ has a somewhat negative meaning in our society and.

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On top of guan, Tuan writes not only in very specific terms, but has a lovely ability to stream sentences which lends itself the ability to seem more like poetry than non-fiction.

Escapism / Yi-fu Tuan. – Limited View | HathiTrust Digital Library | HathiTrust Digital Library

This book is pretty damned amazing. From the sixteenth century onward, first in Renaissance Italy, then in Baroque France, gardens were proudly built to project an air of power and artifice. The latter is primary and inexorable. Jul 18, Jerad rated it it was amazing.

Escapism – Yi-Fu Tuan – Google Books

Humans have done so since the earliest times. There, science in the broad sense of the systematic application of useful knowledge enabled agriculture to move from triumph to triumph in the next two hundred years, with far-ranging consequences, including one of psychological unease. Almost all are anguish-ridden, especially early on, when pioneers had to battle nature for a precarious toehold.

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It also finds release and relief in bringing about local change. Some escape is bad, especially if it becomes obsession.

He was the son of a rich oligarch and was part of the top escapim in the Republic of China. A mine of ideas and insights. A natural environment can itself seem both nourishing and stable to its human habitants. Most people, when they think of the earth, think not of the entire planet but of a part of it — the part they live in.

Tuan’s prose is elegant yet daring, and he dives into human taboos – ranging from escpaism to more violent actions – with wonderfully confrontational descriptions that made me uncomfortable then in turn question my discomfort.

Escape into it from time to time, though understandable, is suspect. They are, of course, all works of culture, but not conspicuously or arrogantly so.

One is the antiquity of this sentiment. They all lack — in a single word — weight. Consider the Lele of Kasai in tropical Africa.

Progressively, however, the gardens of the potentates moved in the direction of aesthetics and architecture. Humans can approach that state of existence by also living close to nature, curbing the imagination and jettisoning excess cultural baggage.


Escapism — Volume

Sep 25, Chelsia rated it it was amazing. Eleni Pashia rated it did not like it Escxpism 22, A human being is an animal who is congenitally indisposed to accept reality as it is. I just finished this book and have begun another, Who Am I. Towards a Geography of Modernity Entrikin, J.

Wherever they happen to be, provided they have been settled there for some time, they consider home. His last academic post before retiring in was professor of geography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Availability Text Usually ships business days after receipt of order. The extreme artificiality of a built environment is not itself an essential cause or inducement.

Mar 03, Carol rated it it was amazing. In the spectrum of middle landscapes, a countryside of villages and fields stands at the opposite pole to a Disney park. It suggests an inability to face facts — the real world. So much misery had its immediate cause in meteorological freakishness.