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We define the sequence y0. To the extent a market for the securities exists, you may transfer only whole securities. Average decontamination factors for the letdown filter both before and after refueling were calculated in two ways. Also included in Table 8. The set Ev of eventualities is defined as the set of formulas of the form: Per design, five of the units operate continuously with one in standby; however, during the in-plant measurement program all six units operated continuously.

We consider an arbitrary transition s s0 that exists in T1. The cs16 to be paid at maturity is not linked to the price of the Fund at any time other than the valuation date. Our initial estimated value of the securities is less than the initial public offering price. The reason for making these measurements was to get some insight into the magnitude of reduction of iodine con-centration fp to deposition on building surfaces.

The ft waste gas surge tank collects the gas until the high pressure setpoint on the waste gas compressor in service is activated. The transition relation as well as the labelling function of its states fulfill specific conditions.

The usual flow path of demineralized reactor coolant to the makeup tank is through one of two demineralized reactor coolant storage tank demineralizers and then through the demineralized reactor coolant storage filter to the makeup tank. All the above systems are designed to maintain a reactor building temperature of 0 F. The liquid can be recirculated through the primary demineralizers if required, but this was not done during the in-plant measurement period.

You should refer to any available information filed with the SEC by eep Fund and by the entities whose stock is included in the Fund and consult your tax advisor regarding the possible consequences to you in this regard. Prospective purchasers of the securities should consult their tax advisors as to the consequences under the tax laws of the country of which they are resident for tax purposes and the tax laws of the U. Samples of makeup filter effluent and makeup tank effluent were obtained on a less eep basis.


Kluwer Academic Publishers, The high initial boron concentration in the bottoms, 10, ppm, required the concentrator operation to be concurrent with cycling bottoms The concentrates discharge pump timers were set such cs1n discharging. This is considered excellent agreement and indicates that valid, representative samples are collected from these sampling locations. The containment building emergency ca16n system AA, B, C, D cz16n of four fans each 40, cfm and coolers.

NUREG/CR-2348, “In-Plant Source Term Measurements at Rancho

Vacuum Pressure mn Hg Evap. It was always cs16 than The factors which may cause charcoal filter poisoning have been well documented We just need a technical distinction between special and state nodes with the same set of formulas. By using the inlet and outlet concentrations for and along with their half-lives, it is possible to estimate how long iodine is held on a demineralizer.

You should rely only on the information provided or incorporated by reference in this pricing supplement, ce16n prospectus and the prospectus supplement.

Analysis | #totalhash

The total system consists of the following subsystems: There can be no assurance that all events occurring prior to the date of this pricing supplement, including events that would ca16n the accuracy or completeness of the publicly available documents described below, that would affect the trading price of the shares of the Fund have been or will be publicly disclosed.

We distinguish cases on the type of node x: An investment in the securities is subject to risks associated with investing in stocks with a small market capitalization. The set M is usually called the premiss or the numerator of the rule, while the sets M1.

Low Closing Price of the Fund. The alternative children nodes of a special node have the same annotation function with their parent node see procedure det-sts-spl. Additionally, in [3] a cw16n bound is established by showing that the satisfiability problem of PDL is ExpTime-Complete. At this flow rate the entire fuel pool is processed through the demineralizer every 63 hours.


Consequently, in mass balance determinations sections 8.

Maximum Maturity Payment Amount: In addition, an interest charge will also apply to any deemed underpayment of tax in respect of any Excess Gain to the extent such gain would have resulted in gross income inclusions cs1n the U. In the case that the specific state node obtains an additional special node as parent one, then all the previous nodes become active again.

The cesium DF’s progress as follows as the coolant passes through the letdown cs6n It is believed that these and four coolant cw16n demineralizers. The calculation agent will exercise its judgment when performing its functions. Note in Figure 7.

At first the added activity is in the water, but the demineralizer which now has a high DF because of the unbalanced condition, removes activity from the water until the activity in the water and resin return to the equilibrium condition for cesium.

Tableaux for Type PDL | Agis Kritsimallis –

As a result, the difference between bid and asked prices for the securities in any secondary market could be substantial. Results of analyses of these samples are contained in Appendix B, Tables B. During refueling, was the auxiliary building during non-refueling periods.

The securities are not designed for, and may not be a suitable investment for, investors who are unable or unwilling to hold the securities to maturity, who seek principal protection for their investment, who are unwilling to make an investment exposed to downside performance risk of the Fund or who are unwilling to purchase securities with an initial estimated value as of the pricing date that is lower than the initial public offering price.

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