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She finds her ‘body’. I thought the spirit and ’empty’ bodies concept was very original and interesting.

A Certain Slant of Light

I really only understood it near the very end. Not all ghosts haunt nor all memories hurt.

That type of extra little touch really helped make this a very special book. At times a bit confusing, the story is quite dull in the beginning but gradually picks up as it goes on. I know that I should have been repelled by the whole concept of human’s walking around ’empty’ just ripe for the taking for deceased spirits. The writing here is beautiful and the story original and interesting. James also finds himself stuck. Before Helen came along, she watched Jenny for some time as she simply went through the motions of life without exuding any sort of emotion.

See how delicate and gentle James and Helen are in comparison? Das Ganze hat sich viel zu schnell entwickelt. In the story their souls flee from their bodies when the child can’t bear it any longer and gives up on his life, leaving behind an empty shell that moves without a will, a consciousness inside. It’s a very original concept for a romantic YA novel.

Like I said, this is not a YA book. Awesome, addicting, seductive, intense, articulate, lush, fantasmic, suspenseful, beautiful, poetic, dark, amazing, unique, mysterious, romantic, excellent, gorgeous, wistful, eerie, superb, breathtaking, magnificent, wonderful, fascinating, Gothic, OMG, astounding, perfect, sublime, tender, painful, and last but not least, Jesus.


Involves girl’s ghost, her living classmate, and possible friendship [s] 6 dexcargar Jul 07, Helen had been dead for over years, moving between human ‘hosts’ who she follows around and lives with. I read Laura Whitcomb’s book The Fetch first, and I loved it, even though this novel is more universally loved.

If one dies, she must find another host or be dragging into a dark, frightening hell-like tiniebls underground.

charmed thirds pdf

When she’s near them she doesn’t feel pain. It’s hard to explain what the book is about without getting spoiler-y. And when you are a 17 year old girl, that is really, really bad. I am supposed to swallow the idea that Helen, a post civil war young lady, and James, a WWI doughboy who died 85 years ago and now inhabits a 17 year old stoner boy’s body, meet and instantly fall “in love” love, really? Definitely one of the better young adult novels I’ve read. There was never any confusion as to who was who, yet they were also so closely intertwined and connected that you never really had one without the other.

He is also dead, and he had found an ’empty’ human body t Helen had been dead for over years, moving between human ‘hosts’ who she follows around and lives with.

These are kids you’re inhabiting here! The suddenness of the physical relationship between Helen and James surprised me, though, as until that point everything had unfolded very slowly and naturally. View all lz comments. But it’s suitable for younger readers. I’m astounded by the places this book was bold enough to explore, and I am deeply satisfied with how the story was resolved.

Of course the whitcojb ghosts fall in love, and James helps Helen find another abandoned body to inhabit. She attaches to “hosts” who don’t know she’s there but still feel her influence somehow Oh my, this book was good. The Spirit of Helen, who has shadowed people for over years.


Eventually James convinces Helen that she should also inhabit a host so that they can both be human and together they choose Jenny. This is the type of book where you either love or hate it.

So smooth and cool. In order to truly be together they need to find a body for Helen, so they find Jenny’s body, and Helen enters her.

I have to admit though, that this is written beautifully. That she no longer is a virgin, because some year old woman decided to dress up in her skin and take it for a ride. It almost made up for the rest of the book, which was decent but not great. When all is dhitcomb and done, this story is about love, self-discovery and forgiveness.

Example; view spoiler [the day after Helen takes Jenny’s body, the first time she sees James they immediately start engre out and have sex in the auditorium. The fact that he is in a body and she is not presents this preposterous couple with their first challenge.

A Certain Slant of Light is often disturbing and very heavy as far as paranormal books go, but it’s also a beautiful story laua facing the past to find the future, and its characters, though not always likable, are understandable and captivating. And in no time at all, I forgot the outside world existed.

And we all know that teenagers just can’t control their sexual urges and will do the deed with anyone, anytime, anywhere. I feel a presence in the empty chair beside me. However I was never bored, just curious as to what descarga it was going to go. So I want to make it clear, this isn’t a spooky ghost story.