Entegra PFD Series. The Avidyne Entegra EXP brings the advantages of integrated flight deck technology to the retrofit market for business and general. The Avidyne Entegra EXP brings the advantages of integrated flight deck technology to the retrofit market for business and general. Entegra EXP PFD. Document Revision History. This document is applicable to Software Part Number All materials.

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Adjust the aircraft dimming bus and verify that the MFD bezel LEDs match the rest of the cockpit instrument lamps and lights.

Select the appropriate Data Valid option: An additional button, Set, appears below the Save button. Avidyne recommends that you set the inbound course using the EXP Course Set knob to serve as reference during the localizer intercept and tracking. Defines the Width and Height enyegra the radar sweep graphical depiction on the EX radar display.

Letting the Dataloader dangle can cause permanent damage to the data port. Views Read Edit View history. Highlight the Brightest dimming voltage selection. Lightning Antenna Location Changed There may enregra an inconsistency between the antenna location jumper setting and the software configuration.

Set the radar park position to Full Up. During the flight scenarios, the student demonstrates his or her grasp of the material by correctly selecting the appropriate PFD func-tion sand by correctly answering operational questions.

With one of the following antennas: At the conclusion of each lesson, student comprehension is measured by means of a multiple choice test.


Avidyne Corporation – EXP Downloads

Don’t show me this message again. After you turn, there will be a lag of several seconds in updating current wind speed and direction.

Entegrz prevent possible fuel ignition, an installed airborne weather radar should not be operated while an aircraft is being refueled or defueled. Use GPSS mode to maintain the flight plan route.

Monitor the dimming bus voltage on the MFD below the selection boxes. Additionally, keep in mind that not all GPS configurations can be used with all aircraft. If the value is out of range, repeat Steps 1, 2 and 3 of this section.

Two-Way Datalink messages display as Narrowcast. Please contact Avidyne for details. At the conclusion of each test, the student may choose to retake the test in order to obtain a higher score. From the Radar Setup page, select Roll Trim. One of the enfegra of these glass flight deck systems is upgradeability. Your aircraft may not have all options netegra. Possible Solution Try moving or rotating the aircraft.

Follow the instructions for the programmer. If the value is out of range, repeat step R. Confirm the valid dates of the Chart data as reported on the Startup Enteegra. Datalink Avidyne leads the industry in datalink-capable multifunction displays and the EX and EX MFDs provide the most advanced, and easiest-to-use datalink systems you can get. See the appropriate wiring diagram and the specific installation instructions for your particular GPS.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. If desired, copy all displayed values to a notepad in case you need to recall a value that is accidentally changed.


This step ensures that all data has been checked in self-test and the MFD is ready for use 7. Changes do not take effect until the MFD has wntegra restarted. The MFD increases pilot situational awareness and enhances flight safety by providing supplementary navigation, traffic, terrain, airspace, weather, and approach chart information. Check the Signal Quality, as displayed on the lower half of the Trip Page. Connect as shown in I. This Agreement gives you no rights to such content.


Proceed to step L. Avidyne reserves the right to change or improve their products and to make changes in the content of this material without obligation to notify any person or organization of such changes or improvements. Other products in the Avidyne category. In that instance, running the utility yet again will re-activate CMax.

Avidyne – EXP5000

Since each IFD is fully capable of performing the functions of the other, no unfamiliar or limited reversionary modes are required [ citation needed ]. There is no requirement to limit dynamic maneuvering during this warmstart attempt. The Government acknowledges Avidyne’s representation that the Software and its documentation were developed at private expense and no part of them is in the public domain.

Supports any range vdc. Analog radar—P1- control and data lines: