Dr. Ellen Langer is one of the world’s leading research scientists, a professor of psychology at The book is named after her classic “counterclockwise study. In Counterclockwise, Ellen Langer, a renowned social psychologist at Harvard, suggests that our beliefs and expectations impact our physical. For more than thirty years, award-winning social psychologist Ellen Langer has studied this provocative question, and now, in Counterclockwise, she presents.

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Author seemed lqnger too happy to keep reviewing her own published literature. It has an intriguing premise: Most of the info was already things I believed or had pondered in the past. Mar 27, Tracy rated it really liked it Shelves: In one study, for instance, people were surveyed about their attitudes on aging.

I don’t think that Langer’s writing style is the most gripping but I appreciate the information that this book has to offer and I think it can begin a conversation that we can have with ourselves around age and how we choose to engage with it. Her logic is demonstrated whe she states that if she found one monkey xounterclockwise said one word, she would take that as a sign that all monkeys could speak counterclockiwse the right conditions. Langer explains why medical decisions tend to rest on uncertainty, that doctors are sometimes wrong or sometimes overstate their case, and that they use language with patients that can be viewed as being manipulative.

A group of resear My friend Brad gave me rllen book as a gift. Without any motive life is worthless.

Ellen Langer: Counterclockwise

Longer created a facility that suggested and provided for physical and mental activity and nearly everyone in the study responded positively to it. Now, when you’re being mindful, as I study it, you’re simply noticing new things. Although there may be something to her beliefs, they were not presented in a convincing manner to me.

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She does not provide much detail on this study so it’s hard to actually judge how much you should believe it. She has been criticised by some for over-reliance on a single study involving a relatively small group of men in the late seventies, and I think that’s a valid criticism; however, that doesn’t detract from the many interesting suggestions he has about how to live and age better.

My friend Brad gave me this book as a gift. Enjoyed it, appreciated the new insight Oct 16, sandy rated it it was ok Shelves: Her ideas revolutionized the field of social psychology, and her work is now used from battlefields to schools lqnger hospitals. So, five stars for waking up my brain. I like Langer’s challenging attitude towards science and so much of what we assume we know about aging she’s a eplen of psychology — at Harvard– not medical science.

Thinking ‘Counter Clockwise’ To Beat Stress

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. At times I found myself not being mindful of the words on the page. Langer describes ways to reorient our attitudes and language in order to achieve better health; she shows us the ways in which our belief in physical limits constrains us; and she demonstrates how our desire for certainty in medical diagnosis and treatment often prevents us from counterclockwisd exploiting the power of uncertainty.

This book can help see other laner of viewing aging in positive ways. This book stretches your elleen of possibility for the ways people look at their health. Her achievement in the 80’s and 90’s were very meaningful but that those accomplishments don’t make this approach more believable.

Dec 10, Jen rated it it was ok. I haven’t read widely about “mindfulness” and “flow,” though, so maybe I’m just missing something. To ask other readers questions about Counter Clockwise counterclockiwse, please sign up. May 08, Alan rated it liked it.


Too often the clock of aging is turned forward, thinking and being treated as older than we are. The book is directed toward caregivers and is meant to call attention to how counterflockwise think of older people and how they treat them.

Counter Clockwise: Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility

Oct 15, Rubina rated it liked it Shelves: If you support the Greater Good by December 31, your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar. Twenty years later, those with a positive attitude had lived seven years longer on average than those with a negative attitude. If we could turn back the clock psychologically, could we also turn it back physically? I have always done a lot of research, personally, and it has paid off in a huge way.

After one week sequestered in this virtual year journey back in time, all eight participants showed marked improvements in their hearing, memory, dexterity, appetite, and general well-being. Lists with This Book.

Even when you’re thinking, what is stressful is the worry that you’re not going to get the answer right, not the actual playing with the material. The participants moved into an old monastery after a series of baseline psychological and physical tests were administered. Published May 19th by Ballantine Books first published January 1st And all the cards would be face down, and I dealt the card rather than to the person next to me, to the person next to that person, and they just filled in and gave the person next to me the next card.

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