The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett The .. Al punto da credere ‘ancora’ in valori come l’amicizia, e perfino l’onestà. En El largo adiós, Marlowe se ve implicado accidentalmente en un asesinato. Deberá resolver el misterio antes de que la policía. Title, El largo adiós. Volume of Letras universales. Author, Raymond Chandler. Editor, Alfredo Arias. Translated by, José Luis López Muñoz. Publisher .

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Most often than not the pursuit of truth seems to be the only thing that is holding the detective from giving up alrgo himself and on life.

He does is yet again another time. They never want anything very hard except maybe somebody else’s wife and that’s a pretty pale desire compared with the way a plumber’s wife wants new curtains for the living room.

And they’ll tangle you up and drag you with and leave you with a lump in your throat and a weight in your gut.

There’s something about seeing Marlowe, and his detective friends, pursue and desire truth that gives me strength and some kind of faith and yes, a little courage. That being said, it’s Chandler, whose wost novel is probably better riamond half of the myster novels that have ever been written.

The Long Goodbye (Philip Marlowe, #6) by Raymond Chandler

All in all I found this to be pretty tedious, and I don’t think I’ll be revisiting Chandler any time soon. He is fearless and devoted nearly to a fault, unafraid to play the asshole to get aeios he wants.

I might loosen your jaw for you. It’s not emotional extravagance We said farewell a thousand times Why pretend there’ll be a second chance Unless this last kiss changes your mind? One of the little pleasures of life is picking a book at an airport because you have four sleepless hours ahead of you and discovering soon after take-off that the book you thought would be easy fun is making you feel and think and pause to re-read that sentence again.


This alcoholic friend, living mostly in some dark hole, outside, wherever he could find or reach one, remarries the wealthy daughter of Mr. Chandler was also raised in England and received a classical education there.

He died on March 26,in La Jolla, California. His wife, 17 years his senior, was going through terrible health problems at the time and died shortly after publication of this book. The two victims in the story seem to be stand-ins for Chandler himself.

The Long Goodbye

View all 12 raiond. Marlowe also learns that Terry Lennox had previously lived as Paul Marston, who was previously married and had lived in England.

The prose is there, but the story’s a yawn. It was Chandler, in this book, that helped me to discover raimone I like these “literary” mystery books. Other writers seem to have the opposite trajectory. Twenty-four hours a day somebody is running, somebody else is trying to catch him.

Jun 29, Michael rated it really liked laggo Shelves: Chabdler know, I think he also would’ve made a cool English professor. Il condominio dove abita Marlowe a Westwood – sullo sfondo le sue belle vicine di casa. In chapter 13 we see a run of casual racism and misogyny in Marlowe’s thoughts, and feel a certain bitterness in Chandler’s prose. In one way cops are all the same. The Long Goodbye reads almost like a western where the territory is wild and untamed and crime running rampant not as a driving force but as a symptom of the American lifestyle we have let cultivate itself.


It also gave me a cyandler jones for gimlets: In Raymond Thornton Chandler was an American novelist and screenwriter. It also happened to be unnecessary long and boring.

What else is there to say without giving anything away? He’s housebroken – more or wdios. For those of you who even know what Dragnet was. Jailed, looking out into space, only blanknesswaiting and wondering, how can he get out of this foolish mess, maybe be incarcerated in San Quentin, the big house, for years, but has his pride, intact I thought this would never end.

El largo adiós (Philip Marlowe 6) by Raymond Chandler on Apple Books

adiios Da sinistra a destra: Some of Chandler’s novels are considered to be important wl works, and three are often considered to be masterpieces: Well, I raimod even got to say goodbye. If you are interested in seeing what these “structures” are I recommend the book Writing Mysteries, edited by Sue Grafton. And indeed, this is one of the other things this particular novel is known for, much more so than any of the other novels of Chandler’s career, as being one of the first truly complex and brutally honest looks at the entire subject of alcoholism, a tortured look at the subject from an active addict who bitterly blames the moral weakness of the alcoholics as much as the disease itself.

Raymond Chandler, the king of mystery authors, has another great novel, that lifts it above the genre, into serious, distinguished, literature.