De Abano (), fecha bastante temprana. Thu, 04 Oct GMT Los Elementos. Magicos de Pedro de Abano. Filosofo – Heptameron PDF. GMT. : Heptameron. (): Peter de. Abano: Books. -. Heptameron . project gutenberglos elementos magicos de pedro de abano. Heptameron: or,. Magical Elements of. Peter de Abano, philosopher. In the former book, which is the fourth book of Agrippa, it is sufficiently.

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They can also, when constrained, do what the others can do, and together with the moon they can reveal the secret councils of all the others, and their forms are changeable, clear like glass, or like a flame hepyameron white fire.

The Angels of the Air ruling on Munday. Of the names of the hours, and the Angels ruling them. The Angels of the Summer.

Peter de Abano: Heptameron, or Magical Elements

d The figure of a Circle for the first hour of the Lords day, in Spring-time. The winde to which the said Angels of the Air are subject. He was accused of magic in the eightieth year of his age, and that dying in the yearbefore his trial was over, he was condemned as Castellan reports to he;tameron fire; and that a bundle of straw, or osier, representing his person, was publicly burnt at Padua; that by so rigorous an example, and by the fear of incurring a like penalty, they might suppress the reading of three books which he had composed on this subject: The Spirits of the Air of Tuesday are under the East-winde: The Angels of the Air ruling on the Heeptameron day.


Ecerehie Oriston, quod; RT: Wikimedia Commons has media related to Pietro d’Abano. These are the things which Peter de Abano hath spoken concerning Magical Elements.

Satquiel, Raphael, Pahamcocihel, Asassaiel, and their nature is joy, love, gladness, and are assigned to performing benevolence and gratitude of all persons, the dews, the flowers, the hepameron and the leaves to beget and to withdraw, and their region is between the South and Dde, and four demons are under these, namely one king and his three attendants, with which all other demons of Jupiter are subjugated, and they are Formione the king, Guth, Maguth, and Guthryn, which three demons are subject to the North winds.

Ignis quo vtendum est, ad suffumigationes, sit in vase fictili seu Terreo, nouo. He ought also to have holy water from a Priest, and a new earthen vessel with fire, a Vesture and a Pentacle; and let all these things be rightly and duly consecrated and prepared.

Bene veneritis Spiritus, vel Reges nobilissimi: Compare with “Shamayim” in Dee. See also the version in The Magical Calendar: Compare sigil with version in Gollancz, fol.

The Angels of Thursday. Adonay, Eye, Eye, Eya.

Pietro d’Abano

abajo When hetameron Circle is thus finished, according to the rule now before written, you shall proceed. The what manner they appear, it is before spoken. Spiritus Aeris Diei Veneris subiiciuntur Zephiro. In the inner Circle let there be written four divine names with crosses interposed in the middle of the Circle; to wit, towards the East let there be written Alphaand towards the West let there be written Omega ; and let a cross divide the middle of the Circle.

Sixthly, The name of the Spirits ruling in that part of time, and their Presidents. In the third place, The Sigil of the Angel of the hour. This is clear evidence that the text has been reworked to fit the order of the days of the week, not the traditional order.


This digital edition by Joseph H. Hic sibilet undique abamo et statim videbit motus et signa propria “Here he should whistle once on each side, and immediately he will see movements and relevant signs. The attribution of the text to the famous physician Peter de Abano “seems quite certainly spurious” according to historian Lynn Thorndike Magic and Experimental Sciencevol.

Angelus Diei Veneris, Sigillum eius: Septimo nomen capitis signi regnantis ea temporis parte qua facis heptamerom.

Heptameron, or Magical Elements

But that you may the better know the manner of composing a Circle, I will set down one Scheme; so that if any one would make a Circle in Spring-time for the first hour of Lords day, it must be in the same manner as is the figure following. Their region is the West. It has been alleged that Abano also wrote ds grimoire called the Heptamerona geptameron book of ritual magical rites concerned with conjuring specific angels for the seven days of the week hence the title.

Hours of the day. An English translation by Robert Turner was first published inincluded in a eel of esoteric texts along with Agrippa’s Fourth Book: The Spirits of the Air of Saturday are subject to the Southwest-winde: Perfecto circulo, secundum rationem infrascriptam procedes.