Egoísmo Racional has 2 ratings and 1 review. Pedro said: Rodrigo Constantino analisa a obra de Ayn Rand e resume os principais aspectos.

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The theme that runs through these essays is much the same as Unknown Ideal, as well as all of Rand’s other works: I decided to read Ayn Raand book because my last book “The life of I” mentioned about how narcissistic she was. My only complaint is that it was such a quick read! It’s not a quick read, but something I read in small doses over several months. I believe that a limited government plus all the other important groups that balance society are essential for happiness.

She defends selfishness, throughout. If people cannot claim the fruits of their labors as their own, they are completely at the mercy of the government.

Egoísmo Racional

Welfare has become unwieldy, clumsy, massive and ineffective. It isn’t just opinion without any backing, the Articles have logic This was the first book by Ayn Rand I ever read. I was roughly familiar with Rand’s philosophy, having read Atlas Shrugged, but never completely understood its workings.

Books by Ayn Rand. En eso consiste la magia de este libro, cada viaje en colectivo o cada sentada de lectura en cualquier otra parte permiten que el lector expanda su mirada hacia un nuevo horizonte. I completely agree that the idea of giving to others regardless of your own position and capabilities is absurd and only perpetuates the need to give to others.

Cabos, Adaptadores e Carregadores para iPad. Published by Sulina first published A lot of her thoughts on individualism really speak to me.

She argues that millions of people died from overwork and starvation on collectivised farms. I believe that would have been a mistake had I not already been somewhat familiar with the ideology of Objectivism. Interesting that she makes no nod to feminism at all, one gets the egiosmo A very densely thought set of essays. Paperbackpages. Leitor de Livros Digitais Voltar Voltar.


A Virtude do Egoísmo: o Princípio Racional da Ética Objetivista

This makes sense, not that I agree with it one bit, but it makes sense why the Right thinks the way that they do. Apr 10, Kevin J. The first 20 pages rgoismo up a philosophy easy to comprehend, all compartmentalized concepts aym overlap to create consciousness.

If ever an author and philosopher was to polarize their readership, Ayn Rand is at the top of that list. She later died in the U.

The truth, as in most cases, lies somewhere in the middle. The Virtue of Selfishness, a non-fictional work, is more a collection of essays explaining Objectivism in detail.

I enjoyed the book. The problem is that most readers Overall I enjoyed reading this, but found that it didn’t address the set of questions I would have expected it to.

Egoísmo Racional by Rodrigo Constantino

I abhor her overzealous approach to capitalism; however I find it fascinating to see that when she focuses this same mentality away from money and towards interpersonal interactions, it becomes palatable.

I’m glad I read about a worldview I didn’t understand. It’s sad that there’s real logic in here, buried in stubbornness and an all-to-often refusal to listen to counterarguments. Mesa Digitalizadora Voltar Voltar. Certain essays, especially toward the beginning, are poorly written and full of ridiculous thought.

Leonardo Freitas added it Jan 02, I find that those that are repelled by the concepts that are put forth in this book, and again in just about every thing Ayn Rand has written, are the very people she is using as a counterpoint to all that she idealizes. Disney Infinity Voltar Voltar. Trivia About The Virtue of Sel How animal use the instinct to live in otherside human use reason.


A Virtude do Egoísmo: o Princípio Racional da Ética Objetivista by Ayn Rand (3 star ratings)

Rand was as anti-community and pro-individual as anyone I have ever read. However, while all of Branden’s essays are mediocre at best, Rand even in her poorer essays never shies away from bluntly stating what she thinks to be the truth, and this especially shines through in the last two essays. Adaptadores, Cabos e Fontes. Her first real success was The Fountainhead rejected by more than ten publishers before publication in She’s a little myopic at times.

Perhaps worst of all, though, is the idea that any sense of humor about oneself–any form of self-deprecating wit, or sign of humility–is somehow a betrayal of one’s very soul.

Rodrigo Constantino analisa a obra de Ayn Rand e resume os principais aspectos de sua filosofia. But young children obviously don’t have that capability. Her supporters would claim that it is the world as we know it that is distorted, mostly through the insidious influence of the philosophy of altr Ayn Rand was one of the racionall controversial thinkers–and successful racoinal writers–of the 20th Century.

He also makes some bizarre, baseless claims, and uses a painful style of writing. The Virtue of Selfishness is one of those books. PS Vita Voltar Voltar.

Below some quotations i like a lot from this book. May 26, Pedro Faraco rated it really liked it. Nevertheless, she goes on to claim that the United States were the first country to acknowledge human rights and to respect them.