Muy pocos libros reflejan tan bien la pasión por el futbol. . Emotiva, atrapante, y con la magistralidad que Eduardo Sacheri nos tiene acostumbrados para. A Eduardo Sacheri no lo conocía y luego me entero que de este libro hicieron una película y que además ganó el Premio Alfaguara Pues no es para. Eduardo Sacheri me conquistó con El Secreto de sus Ojos y La Noche de la Genial descubrir a Sacheri con este libro más cuando la historia nos toca de.

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Sacheri ha scritto il romanzo e la sceneggiatura insieme al regista: The mystery is wrapped under a corrupted judiciary as well as dirty politics in Argentina which proved to be a strong backdrop for this story thus making it engaging as well as thought-provoking for its readers.

Si crees en la amistad,sos futbolero y te gustan los finales medio inesperados tenes que leerlo.

La noche de la Usina

Jun 01, Jose Luis Liantener rated it it was amazing Shelves: It turns out it had. So they call it “the novel that became an Oscar-winning film”, which traces the story of a retired investigator trying to write a novel based on a decade old rape-cum-murder of a young married woman and in the process of going through the past, old memories as well as romances cloud up his soul thus re-opening the window to his much cherished past but it comes with a price and with some mind-blowing revelations both personal as well as political.

No seu rosto desenhou-se um ligeiro sorriso. Profanity is a crutch for crippled minds, and for those who need to expand their vocabulary. View all 7 comments. Pero este libro es superior muy superior. It was more like reading about a teenager living through his first crush than about a year-old man and whenever these chapters started I wished the author would go back to telling us about the investigation.

Aug 31, Guillermo rated it really liked it. The sentence structure and the way the sentences fit together was unusual, I’m just not sure whether that’s because the novel is translated or that’s the way it was meant to be. I personally found this meta aspect a barrier to immersion in the story.

Oddly enough, while Sacherl not a soccer fan, I tend to enjoy soccer novels, in part because the writers usually convey their passion for the game, in part because they are often populated by passionate characters.

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Una historia muy linda sobre la amistad que une a amigos de toda la vida. I’m one of the the-books-are-so-much-better-than-the-films type of person but in this particular case, the book and the film managed to amazed me in more or less the same degree, in spite of the changes.

In fact, this football and Messi are in totally different planets.

Dec 31, Cynthia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. La noche de la Usina by Eduardo Sacheri. The schemes, the football, the sarcastic digs they throw along at each other and their short interjections of philosophical conversations and discussions about Saceri, are what keep it interesting along the way. Pero el libro es maravilloso. Open Preview See a Problem? Me ha gustado mucho. I highly recommend it.

Esperándolo a Tito y otros cuentos de fútbol

Feb 22, Anto rated it really liked it. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Aug 12, Raul rated it really liked it. The mixed feelings persisted until the very end and in a way I feel like Ediardo read two different books about the same characters. A few years ago I watched the Oscar-winning Argentinian movie El Secreto de Sus Ojos ; vt The Secret in Their Eyesand absolutely adored it — I bored people by recommending it to them not libroa or twice but incessantly.

La noche de la Usina by Eduardo Sacheri

Relato que habla de la justicia y de los valores. Sacheri de verdad es mi autor argentino preferido. The translator’s notes were much appreciated, for they were crucial to understanding the references to some aspects concerning the political situation of Argentina at the time the seventies.

Swaying between two timelines and in between two narrative styles- while describing the present the author uses the third person POV of Chaparro and while describing the past he uses the first person POV of Chaparro, the author never loses away from the exact emotion of the storyline- suspense and anticipation. Paperbackpages.

For the same reason, I’ve avoided the Hollywood remake. Jul 05, Jose Luis Liantener rated it really liked it Shelves: Un grupo de argentinos, estafados durante el corralitodeciden vengarse de la persona que sienten responsable de la estafa.

I’m not bothered by it in small doses, but this book is loaded with f-bombs, and the word “asshole” is used This author employs some stylistic affectations ranging from the merely distracting to the downright annoying.


Actually, I wish I had discovered the book before seeing the movie, because some of the urgency and some of the surprising revelations are lost in a second reading.

Quotes from La noche de la Usina. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Football is a huge part of the story, but as Sacheri described in his latest release, it is just a background of the greatest stories.

Instagram Twitter Mi blog: The romance without words is the passion of Chaparro for his colleague and later boss in the Justice department, Irene Hornos. As the three friends navigate the football world, their friendship and marriages are sxcheri and each finds himself moving out of his established position in the friendship. I’ve always libroa fascinated by the act of writing libgos the different insights we got of “writer-Chaparro” were very appealing to me. Eso es lo genial de este libro: This novel kept me so involved that I couldn’t put it down nor stop thinking about it when the story ended.

Considero que Benedetti con “Puntero izquierdo,” dees de alguna manera el fundador do del genero -si es que hay un genero-; que Fontanarrosa es el que interpreta exactamente la locura y pasion que puede generar este deporte; que Soriano retrata como nadie los partidos de los pueblos del interior y sus ritos; mientras que el sentimiento de barrio, el desafio de calzarse los botines y llbros a otra barra o de jugar con eduardp Tango, el registro de las voces del conurbano y sus sacueri, ese es territorio de Sacheri.

En fin, para todos!!!! Benjamin and his sidekick, Sandoval — plus a rare honest cop, Inspector Baaz — fairly soon worked out the most likely suspect and eventually coaxed a confession out of him, but the man wasn’t long in prison before he was suddenly released and, as an obvious sociopath, recruited into one dduardo the secret police’s gangs charged with seizing, torturing and murdering supposed enemies of the state. Chaparro retires and decides to write a book about a brutal unsolved rape and murder.