Eder Chiodetto has a Masters in Communication and Arts from the University of Sao Paulo (USP). He is an independent curator of photography and video. Eder Chiodetto. The Brazilian nation arose based on a complex blend of peoples and cultures. Due to historical circumstances, every Brazilian is a multifaceted. 6 results for Books: “Eder Chiodetto”. Product Details German Lorca (Em Portugues do Brasil). Jan 1, by Eder Chiodetto (Org.).

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Eder Chiodetto | THE FENCE –

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: My research on the Penitents is going to be over one day. I fell in love with the theme. I have videos, audios, texts, original shrouds from the Penitents, as well as photographs. I start to get closer to people, I photograph them from 1 meter distance. rder

That was when I took this theme for myself and which I may take for the rest of my life. To be with these people, photograph them and talk to them, just increases my faith, even if they are of a different religion than my own. I was only 15 and liked Volpi already. My first exhibition was a collective inwith Fernando Del Pretti. The leader is called Decurion and they hold a political role over these people and the community.


In I took my first trip to Recife during lent, to look for groups of Penitents. I like to be involved in projects that take years to mature before being exhibited. Something that had impressed me a lot, was when I was 23 years old and decided to follow the Santiago Path in Spain.

Eder Chiodetto

My evolution from a documentarian to an artist happened when I started ecer more integrated with groups. The great majority of them are secret groups. A lot of blood came out of her back. I photograph him every year.

The idea of having the keyword trance for our edition came to me after realizing how the devotees from the most varied religions search for ways to transcend reality. They stop 7 times during the pilgrimage at strategic points for singing and praying. I want to photograph that! While others used to study m ath, I was studying arts. During law school, photography was parallel to it.

The next day I visited her and her wounds were completely dry. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Some of the groups I have shot and eser are gone now.

And that is the research I enjoy greatly, also the transcendence which is far greater. Posted in booksbrazilian contemporary photographyBrazilian Documentary PhotographylivrosSem categoria Tags: Clothing may change, rituals may also change but all of them have the same purpose of edder human anguish.


I have hours of interviews. Many are Millenarians, people who believe in the end of the world.

Notify me of new comments via email. Yet, what I photograph helps me in another way. When I am with the Penitents I am part of the group. Today I am a photographer and have left all the rest behind.

And it is like this until today. So, after a lot of negotiation with people from Sergipe including the teacher Maurelina dos Santos I chidoetto permission to photograph them. After chiodettl I gave it up. Well, at least that was what the media was portraying, and it interested me a great deal, for that is also religious from my point of view.

I used to get those painting collections from the newsstand and then, when I turned seven to eight years old, I started painting.