Ecstasy (Shadowdwellers, book 1) by Jacquelyn Frank – book cover, description, publication history. Jacquelyn Frank’s The Nightwalkers series has focused on various Nightwalkers (Elijah, Noah, Damien, etc.) and their search for mates. In the last couple of. REVIEW: Ecstasy by Jacquelyn Frank on the TBR shelf, I’d better start this new series right now because I have a copy of Ecstasy in hand.

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Never mind that his friends and family thought he was crazy, he knew he could return this lonely mansion, worn by time, wind, and neglect, to its former beauty.

REVIEW: Ecstasy by Jacquelyn Frank | The Good, The Bad and The Unread

Yet one damaged human woman will tempt the man behind the Shadowdweller throne into a dangerous desire. When he departs his world, it is to enter the sacred space of sleep, and he is jacqielyn there to sow sweet dreams. That part aside, the Shadowdweller’s sexual culture was not appealing to me.

Oddly enough, it got a 4 out of 5 for the average reader. Nov 18, Lisa Smith rated it it was amazing.

It was about how bad experiences can affect not only your sexuality but your life. What is most important in life? Leaving poor Ashla alone again in rrank gloomy spirit world.

Willa on May 10, at 4: I might have tried the next in the series if it wasn’t for the squick factor I know is coming in a shown not told way in the next book; which is even worse IMO. The “romance” is essentially a guy raping a girl and she’s so lonely that she welcomes any social interaction she can find.

There is something wonderful in being wanted so thoroughly, however Trace’s obsession sounded less romantic and more chafe inducing. Just as she grows accustomed to her solitary, dark world Ashla is confronted by a sword baring warrior named Trace.


This item doesn’t belong on this page. And yet, there was something about Constance that was from another time. Trace, the guy, is literally taking advantage of Ashla, the girl, nonstop for eight hours and her thoughts are essentially “this is weird but he needs this for some reason should i stop him no what year is it i’m lonely DNF.

I did not however like the treatment of her. I might have to pick this one up. Not only that, when Trace is mortally wounded, this woman, Ashla, is able to heal him. I just love to get lost in a book and all this new information is the easiest way for me to do so.

I live in Asheville NC and have written a book I actually laughed out loud at this bullshit. The world building was meticulous but now that I am past that part, I can just enjoy the action packed story!

See all 4 brand new listings. For one who has lived as long as he, her existence would have been enough of a puzzle, but when she heals him from a mortal wound, he finds himself drawn to her They can also be called upon to touch and experiment with whoever is “modeling” at the time.

One of my favourite reads. I think she’s the reason i wanted to give it a three. When he’s first introduced, he’s in the jacquelny of a battle, like, with actual swords! Lists with This Book. I wasn’t sure if I should read this series as I had read many negative comments about it.

Ecstasy (Shadowdwellers, #1) by Jacquelyn Frank

Trace is truly shocked when he realizes the ecsrasy who healed him is not a Ghost or a Fade, but a real human. I enjoy her books, but they aren’t Showalter, Ward, Cole to me. Different enough from others books I’ve read, which made it an interesting read. Either the author should go for it or not, but being wishy washy was a cop out. Now he lives only to await the day darkness finally overcomes him.


Anyways, if you liked her other novels you might like this one. Still, I found Trace a fascinating character and loved his interaction with Ashla. I read Frank’s Jacob in the other series she has, and I didn’t like that one either. Unfortunately his people have begun their annual migration to Alaska and when he recovers enough he macquelyn expected to lead them. Who doesnt even tell him to stop, she just lets it happen.

REVIEW: Ecstasy by Jacquelyn Frank

It seemed kacquelyn a lot of the book would be internal monologues from either Trace or Eden and that is when the pace would slow down for me. The best part, unfortunately, was Gideon’s cameo.

Also by Jacquelyn Frank: Which is a very bad thing for me in a romance. He was tall, dark, and handsome and he was deadly as shit! I may go back and try one of her Nightwalker novels.

Ecstasy : The Shadowdwellers by Jacquelyn Frank (2009, Paperback)

Instead of turning and running in the opposite direction, what does the smart girl do? Now, I’ll just pretend for a few seconds that I’m the monarch of an entire race. Trace discovers some important truths about Ashla, and Ashla comes to know about the world she belongs in, and finally about herself.