View and Download Eclipse AVNE owner’s manual online. DVD Video/USB Multi-Source Receiver/7” Wide Screen Monitor/Navigation/Built-In Bluetooth. /ECLIPSE” I Quick Start guide • English· 2 Espanal 28 G Fran~ais •••• 54 e cP FUJITSU TEN I For the safe usage of this device We appreciate your purchase of . FREE 2-day Shipping: Stunning graphics, superior performance Eclipse pulls out all the stops with the AVNE navigation receiver, Our take on the Eclipse AVNE by Crutchfield’s Zak Billmeier Eclipse AVNE Owner’s manual.

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For other Eclipse Products, please contact your retailer where you purchased this Product to verify that the Product requires service. You have the following options: The language for entering characters can be selected from the displayed list.

About “SD memory card” slot

Route the microphone cable to the installation position for the main unit while securing the cable with tape. OthersAbout the Steering Wheel SwitchesCompatibility with Steering Wheel SwitchesThe table below shows the compatibility between the steering wheel switches and this receiver.

Using the same screen, you can find an address by entering: Branchez a un cable de connexion iPod vendu separement. Eclipes the number of angles.

Color Pattern Setting / AVNE Online Manual / ECLIPSE

Proceed with theoperation as per thenumerical order. The rest of thesettings are set to values that are optimalfor typical use. Cette garantie limitee ne s’applique pas lorsque les produits sont utilises dans un commerce, une entreprise ou toute application industrielle ou commerciale. Ne retirez aucun des capuchons de protection RCA, etc. Navigation Guidance Navigation Guidance Setting from Address If you know at least a part of the address, this is the quickest way to select the destination of the route.


Choisissez un endroit se trouvant a au moins 50 cm 20 pouces de I’unite principale. Page 92 Navigation GuidanceNavigation GuidanceSetting from AddressIf you know at least a part of the address, thisis the quickest way to select the destination ofthe route.

About Speed WarningsMaps may eclipae information about the speed limits of the road segments. Facts to keep in mind when operating. OthersAbout the Steering Wheel SwitchesManual setting ofsteering wheel switchfunctionsYou can manually assign the desiredfunctions to every steering wheel switchbuttons. Press to select station manually.

Touch this field to show it on theMap screen in one of the Trip Datafields. Display of Connection Status Information You can check connection status information for the connections between this receiver and the vehicle. Setting From Address Navigation Guidance Navigation Guidance Setting from Address If you know at least a part of the address, this is the quickest way to select the destination of the route.

You do not needto manipulate the map manually.

On the Map screen you can display itineraries by the following methods. Start pointThe first point of the route. Switches other than u and d are available for VTR operation.

ITIJ Bornes de telecommande de direction d’origine Effectuez la connexion a la telecommande de direction du vehicule. The symbols described below are found in this instruction manual as well as on the device itself to insure its proper and safe usage and to prevent injury or damage to property. Page 88 OperationNavigation OverviewTouch any of the fields to see data on the via points starting from the first one through the finaldestination.


Prior to powering up the main unit, make sure the main unit is properly grounded with the vehicle chassis. Fixez les supports sur I’unite principale. NameDescriptionFunctionSpeedometerShows the current speed bothgraphically and as a number.

Screen Adjustment and Setting To make it easier to view the screen, switch between Day and Night based on whether the lights sidelights, tail lights, license plate light are on or off.

Page Condition Neither video nor audio is output. Touchoragain tocontinue to change the value. OthersAbout the Steering Wheel SwitchesOn vehicles equipped with steering wheel switches, these easy-access switches can be usedto perform the main audio and other operations. Page 20 Before UseViewing this Document.

Check it for properorientation and verify it is clean. Page 95 6Touch [ ]. Instale la placa de conexion a tierra en el tablero de instrumentos. Insertthe disc correctly if it isupsidedown.