UN/ECE R transposition. • Informal document to GRPE january • Need to update Regulation 49 for «Euro VI requirements». • Informal document . Download/Embed scientific diagram | ECE R49 mode cycle used for automotive from publication: Automotive test drive cycles for emission measurement and. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Feb 1, , Y. Xu and others published Comparison between ECE R49 and ESC test cycles for heavy-duty vehicle.

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Speed at maximum torque … rpm 5. Number of WHTC test cycles without regeneration n. ICP test cell in the city of Bucaramanga, Colombia. Limit of validity of type approvals The manufacturer shall also ensure compliance with off-cycle requirements set out in paragraph 5.

In case of engines tested on different reference fuels, the tables shall be reproduced for each reference fuel tested. Following that notification the Type Approval Authority of the Contracting Party which granted the original type approval shall promptly inform the manufacturer that an engine or vehicle type fails to satisfy the requirements of these provisions. When tested with a qualified deteriorated component, the OBD system malfunction indicator shall be activated in accordance with Annex 9B.

The make and identifying part number of the original pollution control device as recorded in the information referred to in paragraph 3. This tolerance is taken into account in the above values. A description of the provisions taken to prevent tampering with and modification of the emission control computer sincluding the facility for updating using a manufacturer-approved programme or calibration.

Ecf of the Contracting Party that reported the failing engine or vehicle type in accordance with paragraph 9. Alternative approval as defined in paragraph 2. Exhaust back pressure shall not exceed that declared for the engine type approval in Part 1 of Annex 1; 6.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

In addition to the information referred to in paragraph 3. Table 12 illustrates the behavior of PM emissions regarding fuel sulfur content.

The requirements of paragraph 4. If the crankcase is of an open type, the emissions shall be measured and added to the tailpipe emissions, g49 the provisions set out in paragraph 6.

The performance monitoring requirements of paragraph 2. Table 2 Pass and fail decision numbers of Appendix 1 sampling plan Minimum sample size: The influence of density on PM emissions is less significant.

Declare the fuels the engine family is capable to run on in paragraph 3. Written description general working principles for. Contracting Parties applying this Regulation shall, from 31 Decembergrant an ECE ecce to an engine system or vehicle only if it complies with:.


Declared values for power test in diesel mode according to Regulation No 85 df di. Type state percentage of oil in mixture ecee lubricant and fuel mixed 4.

This factor should be considered in the reformulation and specification of diesel characteristics. An engine system or engine systems of a type approved in accordance with this Regulation equipped with a new original equipment pollution control device. The identification markings referred to in paragraph 4. Colombia, starting in the year At the request of the Type Approval Authority, the manufacturer shall demonstrate the availability or the conformity of the ECU information in serial production by performing the appropriate testing referred to in paragraphs 8.

The technical measures taken by the manufacturer shall be such as to ensure that the tailpipe emissions are effectively limited, throughout the normal life of the vehicles under normal conditions of use. The parent engine shall meet the emission requirements on the reference fuels G R and G 25 in the case of natural gas, or the reference fuels A and B in the case of LPG, as specified in Annex 5.

Reserved for Vehicle body work type not applicable 6. The purpose of this standard and regulation is to provide the characteristic profile of the emissions of an engine which, by using the appropriate weighting factors, can be used as an indicator of the emission levels of this engine in its different applications.

The tests were performed at the Instituto Colombiano del Petroleo. Together with the application, the manufacturer shall provide a documentation package that fully explains any element of design which affects emissions, the emission control strategy of the engine system, the means by which the engine system controls the output variables which have a bearing upon emissions, whether that control is direct or indirect, and fully explains the warning and inducement system required by paragraphs 4 and 5 of Annex Number of OBD engine families within the engine family considered when ensuring the correct operation of NO x control measures.

The number of this Regulation, followed by the letter “R”, a dash and the approval number to the right of the circle prescribed in paragraph 4.

EUR-Lex – X(01) – EN – EUR-Lex

If the manufacturer chooses, until the date specified in paragraph The Type Approval Authority shall within the same time also notify the manufacturer and all Contracting Parties of its decision to approve or reject the plan of remedial measures.

Nevertheless, the ee varies from one engine to another depending on technology and working time, as can be seen in Figures 1 through 4. As illustrated in Table 2differences among the fuels obtained at the refinery, besides sulfur content, also occur in variables such as density, distillation curve, cetane index, viscosity, etc. Make trade name of manufacturer. The extended documentation package may be kept by the Type Approval Authority or be retained by the manufacturer, at the discretion of the Type Approval Authority, but shall be made available for inspection by the Type Approval Authority at the time of approval or at any time during the validity of the approval.


If the vehicle or engine conforms to an approved type under one or more other Regulations annexed to the Agreement, in the country which has granted approval under this Regulation, the symbol prescribed in paragraph 4.

Any control system calibration; or. The engine approved as a technical unit shall bear, in addition to the approved mark:. Appendix 1 Explanatory notes for Annexes 1, 2A, 2B AND 2C 1 Delete where not applicable there are cases where nothing needs to be deleted when more than one entry is applicable.

The documentation package required by paragraph 3 enabling the Type Approval Authority to evaluate the emission control strategies and the systems on-board the vehicle and engine to ensure wce correct operation of NO x control measures shall be made available in the two following parts: Information on the tests and procedures for fulfilling these requirements is provided in Annex In order to carry out these evaluations, several combinations of feed and engine speed were used, which reflect the different operating conditions of diesel engines.

Declared values for power test according to Regulation No 85 or declared values for power test in dual-fuel mode according to Regulation No 85 df. As from the official date of entry into force of the 06 series of amendments, no Contracting Party applying this Regulation shall refuse to grant approval under this Regulation as amended by the 06 series of amendments. In the case the manufacturer retains the documentation package, that package shall be identified and dated by the Type G49 Authority once reviewed and approved.

For positive ignition engines subject to the test set out in Annex 6, the maximum d49 carbon monoxide content in the exhaust gases at normal engine idling speed shall be that stated by the vehicle manufacturer.