EC SATELLITE COMMUNICATION FINAL YEAR ECE 8TH SEMESTER QUESTION BANK Write short notes on attitude control system. 3. What is. Subject code: EC Subject Name: Satellite Communication Type of Study Materials: Lecture Notes Download Link => LP – EC LP Rev. No: Date: Page 01 of Sub Code &Name: EC SATELLITE COMMUNICATION. Unit: I Branch: EC Semester: VIII.

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Describe the operation of typical VSAT system. Explain in detail about sztellite measure of time. Calculate the free space loss a frequency of 6 GHz. She has developed this website for the welfare of students community not only for students under Anna University Chennai, but for all universities located in India.

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EC Satellite Communication Lecture Notes – Edition

What is processing gain? Total service from a single provider 9. Or The angle ec satellite communication notes in the equatorial plane from a reference point in the sky where right ascension is defined to be zero. Disclaimer Contact Privacy Policy. Give the types of satellite services. Some examples are weather ec satellite communication notes and communications satellites. Share your words about us to your frnds and Dont forget to commet your ideas or requirements which you needed from us. What is meant by decoding quenching?


The orbit must be circular. With the aid of a block schematic, briefly describe the functioning of the receive. Upload from Desktop Single File Upload.

What is meant by freeze out? Working satellites are made to drift back to their position but out-of-service satellites ec satellite communication notes eventually drifted to these points, ec satellite communication notes making that point a Satellite Graveyard.

What is an CDMA? This causes a gravity gradient on GEO satellite and makes them drift to one nots the two stable points which coincide with minor axis of the equatorial ellipse. Describe the spin stabilized satellites.


The point where the orbit crosses the equatorial commumication going from south to north. Explain in detail about antenna look angles and the polar mount antenna.

Explain downlink satellite circuit. Vernal equinox occurs when the sun crosses the equator going from south to north. Explain the classifications of system noise temperature. Angle between the plane containing c and b B: Small Fading margin 3dB Angle of inclination R.

Post a Comment Enter your comments here. Orbit Perturbations perturbations of the orbit are the results of various forces which are exerted on the satellite other than the forces of attraction of the central, spherical and homogeneous body.


EC2045 Satellite Communication Lecture Notes

You can also share your own study materials and it can be published in this website after verification and reviewing. What notew meant by polar orbiting?

What is meant by digital speech interpolation? Calculate the noise power density and the ec satellite communication notes power for a BW of 36 MHz. Applying the sine rule gives Assuming a spherical satellige of mean radius km as was done previously. A satelliye downlink at 12 GHz operates with a transmit power of 6 W and an antenna gain of The height of the terrain above the communnication ellipsoid at the sub-satellite point is denoted by H ec satellite communication notes The height of the satellite above this, by h ss.

Illustrate in each case commuication relevance to artificial satellites orbiting the earth. What is meant by momentum wheel stabilization?