HVCA DW August 16, | Author: pheed5 | Category: Duct (Flow), Specification (Technical Standard), Screw, Building, Building Engineering. DW/ is recognised throughout the UK as the Standard Specification for ductwork manufacture and installation. It came into being in when it replaced. Kent Ductwork manufactures standard galvanised ducting to the DW specifications, which achieves all of the current BS, EN & ISO standards.

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The duct is formed from a spirally- wound circular duct, using a special former. Enquiries should be made of the ductwodk organisation, at the contact details quoted.

A smooth finish brighter than 2D. It is not practicable to deal here with the full range of supports available, which increasingly includes proprietary types such as wire rope suspension systems, so in this section various methods of support are dealt with in principle under the three elements of: Fusion welding of steel.

We provide an end to end solution from design, supply, installation and ongoing maintenance. The tests shall be carried out as the work proceeds and prior to the application of thermal insulation. Sheet metal air ducts with rectangular section.

Duct work construction to DW/144

All products shall be protected against corrosion as necessary and supplied in a fully finished condition as specified by the system designer. Typical materials are hardwood or treated softwood in separate block form for circular ducts — see note below: Accreditation means the certification body can demonstrate that it has been successful in meeting the requirements of international accreditation standards.

The system designer may, for example, indicate that a particular system is tested as duuctwork A responsible person should be asking for all the Regulation 38 documentation when a building is handed over. One, two and three sided ductwork is not yet covered by this test standard but this test standard is under development prEN It is becoming common practice for the types of structural fixings to be specified by the main contractor on a project by project basis.


It is generally accepted, however, that, in typical, good quality systems, the leakage under operating conditions will be in the region of six per cent for low pressure systems class Athree per cent for medium pressure systems Class Btwo per cent for high pressure systems Ducwork C and just 0.

Arrangements for flat oval duct supports are shown in Figs.

HVCA DW – Free Download PDF

A fire in an adjacent compartment through which the ductwork passes, could lead to ignition of the grease deposits, which may continue through the ductwork system, possibly prejudicing the safety of the kitchen occupants.

As there is no direct relationship between the volume of air conveyed and the surface ductworm of the ductwork system required to match the building configuration, it is difficult to express air leakage as a percentage of total air volume. It is also worth noting that there can be a risk of explosion if dw14 is blanked off prior to testing to prevent the spread of contamination if paint vapours have not fully dispersed from within an enclosed section of ductwork.

The E-mail Address es you entered is are not in a valid format. The CPR aims to remove technical barriers to trade for construction products across Europe.


Such sealant shall be in accordance with the requirements of Part Seven, Section Where independent support is not deemed ductwprk it shall be standard practice, as Figs. The abbreviations listed in Table 21 are commonly used throughout the industry. If particles such as filings or grinding dust of a non-stainless steel or iron are brought into contact with a Stainless Steel, subsequent exposure to moisture will lead to staining of the surface as these particles rust.

Similarly, the operating pressure will vary throughout the system and as leakage is related to pressure the calculations are complex. All of our ductwork products, including rw144 conventional ducting, are manufactured with our continuous girth end flange system CGF. Particular care must be taken in the sealing of these joints. Fire Outside duct A plus mm wide, plus mm high for rectangular ducts plus m diameter for circular ducts.


A further leakage classification S is also available and is required for areas such as the protection of escape routes and where there is sleeping risk.

How changes to the Apprenticeship Levy will affect the construction sector. For example, da144 classification EI 30 veho io indicates a ventilation duct capable of satisfying 30 minutes integrity and insulation from both inside to outside and vice versa in both vertical and horizontal applications.

Specifications and test methods. If required, in the event of a signal from a remote sensor this would be achieved by an actuator, electric solenoid, electromagnet or other device.

Again there may be more recent versions of the document. This document Older versions.

Sealant or gasket Turn up minimum of 8mm Note: A ductwork system that has limited air leakage, within defined limits, will de144 that the design characteristics of the system can be maintained. Sustainable use of natural resources. Worksafe – Safety Facts JS 2: A ductwork system that has limited air leakage, within defined limits, will ensure that the design characteristics of the system can be maintained. These are; 1 2 3 4 Insulation Integrity Smoke leakage Stability Direct field of application The direct field of application only covers circular and four sided rectangular ducting at this time.

They can be self-adhesive or bonded using a separate agent but the surface preparation required to ensure a lasting bond requires vigorous adherence to the surface preparation.