Here at Second Hand Dark Room we offer durst, s/h enlargers, second hand dark rooms and much more. Yes, very much so. I do/did all my prints on this one. The colour mixing head ‘ scatters’ the light nicely which has the added side-effect of making. Selling a durst m colour enlarger and timer has been kept in very good condition and is in good working order Selling due to purchasing a smaller bw.

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Upgrading my Durst Colour Head. Graduated Measuring Cylinders I suggest you buy a one litre size rigid plastic graduated measuring cylinder for making up your print chemicals and a dursst half litre one for making up film chemicals. This item may be a floor model or an item that has been returned to the seller after a period of use. Bidding has ended on this item. Storage bottles are used for durat stock solutions, such as stop-bath, which is reusable.

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If you buy the size to match your paper dimensions you will use the smallest amount of chemicals. Print processing is less critical as far as timing goes so a clock should be fine, just make sure you can see the second hand under your safelights!

These are both good reliable enlargers. Find all posts by photomi7ch. Mercury thermometers are the most accurate but are too hazardous if they break.

I use a colour enlarger for black and white dursst of this mucking about with multi grade filters meaning less trouble with dust. Easel A paper easel is useful for holding paper duest and to dhrst it moving under the enlarger. Buchen OdenwaldGermany Posts: You must log in or sign up to reply here. A curtain hanging over the door frame is often enough to sort this. Which one do I used for mutigrade bw enlargement? Just one question, what’s the purpose of that grid on the enlarger’s head?


Learn more – opens in a new window or tab.

Find all posts by Mike O’Pray. Condensers tend to have a natural hotspot which can be effective by giving you darker corners without any burning. Grain Magnifier This does exactly what it says on the box, it magnifies the grain of your negative as it is projected on the enlarger easel.

I control everything using the CPM keypad with 9 memories for exposure time and grade combinations. You can probably find those in digitaltruth or in the ilford website.

Durst | S/H ENLARGERS | Second Hand Dark Rooms | Second-hand Darkroom Supplies

They also give an easy way to put white borders around your image to make final prints a bit more presentable. Jul 12, 5. If you are used to work with filters, it may take some time to get used to work with it – I personally do not have more problems than I do have with filters. Darkrooms need to be reasonably light-tight. Find all posts by EdmundH. A foot-switch is used to turn it on or off and this leaves my hands free to dodge and burn as soon as the lamps are turned on.

Durst M color | Black and White | Flickr

Blackout Darkrooms need to be reasonably light-tight. Thanks All, I will probably stick with colour head in the long run but play with both for the time being. Ask a question – opens in a new window or tab. Dursr colour mixing head ‘scatters’ the light nicely durdt has the added side-effect of making all scratches or dust disappear.

The image on the easel is then as bright as possible during dodging and burning. However, when the prints dried there was not much difference apart from the slight emphasized scratches on the BW print. I suggest you use 2, 5, 10 and 20 minutes.


I use four Ilford DL20 safelights with 15 watt bulbs.

Best of both worlds in one enlarger Mike. Ilford photographic papers can be exposed to quite high levels of safelight without fogging them.

Clock or Process Timer Dirst clock, timer or stopwatch is used to achieve accurate timing for film processing. Enlarging lenses are optimised for darkroom printing onto a flat surface, unlike camera lenses. Your name or email address: I know the answer is in the name of the enlarger but the colour enlarger seems to produce less grain.

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. It also subdues grain nicely, whereas condensers enhance it. Split grade printing the Ilford way using Ilford Multigrade under the lens filters This tutorial explains how to use Ilford Multigrade under the lens filters for split grade printing the Ilford way.

Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Yes, very much so. Ilford Photo Technical Information Wednesday, June 13th, Ilford technical information and brochures are now available on the Kit page of my website.

It’s in perfect shape, no teeth missing and the condenser is scratchless. A clock, timer or stopwatch is used to achieve accurate timing for film processing. Also fiddling about with filters in the filter drawer a pain.

If you want I can post these settings for you, but I haven’t got them to hand just this moment. Seller information pricilla