DUA OF MAKARIMUL AKHLAQ – SUPPLICATION FOR NOBLE MORAL CHARACTER SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY WRITTEN LECTURES DELIVERED TO YOUR. Duas. play Dua e Makarimul Akhlaq. دعائے مکارم الاخلاق بِسمِ اللهِ الرَّحمنِ الرَّحيمِ اللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى مُحَمَّدٍ وَّآلِهِ وَبَلِّغْ بِإِيمَانِي أَكْمَلَ الإِيمَانِ وَاجْعَلْ يَقِينِي أَفْضَلَ الْيَقِينِ وَانتَهِ.

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Sahife Sajjadiya – In Praise of God

O Allah, do not leave in me: O God, take to Thyself from my soul what will purify mskarimul. O God, bless Muhammad and Muhammad’s Household.

Avoid the most low of all etiquettes, and struggle with yourself to avoid it, for evil is stubborn. Make me worship Thee and corrupt not my worship with self-admiration! Let me live so long as my life is spent in Your obedience, But when my life becomes a breeding ground for Shaytan then take me to You, before Your wrath advances towards me or Your anger becomes firm on me.

Among those heart rendering supplications is the one taught by the 4th Imam Zainul Abideen a. O God, make the wishing, the doubt, and the envy which Satan throws into my heart a remembrance of Thy mightiness, a reflection upon Thy power, and a devising against Thy enemy!

O Allah, let me walk on the most exemplary path, and let me live and die on Your creed. O God, make me leap to Thee in times of distress, ask from Thee in needs. Let good flow out from makafimul hands upon the people and efface it not by my making them feel obliged!

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O Allah, seal my term with Your pardon makaromul my hope in expecting Your mercy, ease my path to reach Your pleasure, and make my actions good in all circumstances. During this Ramadaan, starting on Saturday 27 MayMowlana Syed Aftab Haider will be delivering a series of lectures every night unpacking the treasures hidden in this Dua at the Ahlul Bait a.

In order to achieve this behavioral excellence, man needs to overcome his base and selfish attributes, and cultivate noble qualities. Give me the highest moral traits and preserve me from vainglory! O God, deposit in me no quality for which I will be faulted, unless Thou settest it right. O God, make my speech be guidance.

So show kindness to me with well-being before affliction, wealth before asking. O Allah, bless Muhammad and zkhlaq family. In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. Makafimul me not to seek help from other than Thee when I am distressed. Make my intentions to be the best of intentions, and my actions to be the best of actions. Then I would be tempted tp praise he who gave me, and afflicted with blaming he who denies me, while You, not they, are the Master of giving and denying.

And leave for my soul that of my soul which will set it right, for surely, my soul will perish unless You protect it. So would you like to receive a copy of the written lecture each night privately delivered to you? O Allah, bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad.

Du’aa Makarimul Akhlaq (The Honorable Morals)

Gatvol Capetonian Community Organization. Consequently, AFOSA endeavours to distribute transcripts of the lectures each night to interested da and deliver it directly privately to your phone. Make everything he causes to pass over my tongue, – sua indecent or ugly words, the maligning of good repute, the false witness, the speaking ill of an absent man of faith or the reviling of one present, and all things similar – a speech in praise of Thee, a pursual of eulogizing Thee, an excursion in magnifying Thee, a thanksgiving for Thy favour, an acknowledgement of Thy beneficence, and an enumeration of Thy kindnesses!


O Allah, bless Muhammad and his family, alert me to Your remembrance in times of negligence, employ me in Your obedience in the days of respite, clarify for me an easy path to Your love and complete for me, through this the good of the world and the hereafter. Free me from need, expand Thy provision toward me. alhlaq

Africa Federation Community Organization. O God, bestow upon me what I seek through Thy power.

Give me guile against him who schemes against me. This Du’a has been taught by Imam Sajjad as an d is a clear indication of the loftiness of moral virtues expected of a believer. Free me akulaq need, expand Thy provision toward me, and tempt me not with ingratitude!

O Allah, take to Yourself, from my soul what will purify it.