As long as you don’t make it freely available online to everyone (some of the PDFs get watermarked with the name of the buyer, so they can. In that case I’d give it a pass. Has anyone made any experiences with this? If the DriveThruRPG watermark shows on the prints, are there other. When I first started buying books on RPGNow, there were no watermarks. Suddenly, within the past few years, every book suddenly has.

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IMO sharing books with your players is legit, but that opinion is probably not shared by all publishers. It’s a good thing I’m not trying to work today — the above was awful.

Is this a general solution? My players would probably be fine with buying it if it didn’t cost so much. On the license bit, the right of first sale doctrine almost certainly trumps any contract law. Originally Posted by Mynex. Want to add to the discussion? Alexander Garden It doesn’t work, TypeError: I’m a strong proponent of encouraging developers. Thank you for your interest in this question.

Submit a new link. It is on github here. It isn’t the same as music drivethrirpg I don’t want to read books on my computer. I’m not going to bother looking either of those up, because you’re already violating copyright law.

Seriously, glad to hear it. Is the local home network the complete system? Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. Now it’s companies demanding money works for them, disney getting 75 years for copyright instead of the original 25 for the purpose Mickey Mouse for eg.

Do not submit posts looking for players, groups or games. If you do have a copy already, you could simply do the character creation process right after or right before a session. Join Date Jan Posts 2, I better get back to moving. Secondly, there should be a terms of use on their site. I don’t want the guy how spoiled the book be targeted by spammers.


Drivetrurpg people should not be allowed to own ideas. Hense copyright law comes in and makes sense because it’s for monitary gain. That’s a price of a hardcopy book for some excellent RPGs! I appreciate your hints. Actually more of creating a profit incentive to spur on innovation. I definitely don’t want to violate any copyright laws.

Originally Posted by reanjr. That said, I don’t believe in copyright law philosophically nor patents, trademarks and trade secret laws are fine but could probably be tweaked. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

The Hardcover book is 65 dollars, and if you buy it they can generously let you buy a copy of the PDF for only a small supplement of 22 additional dollars. I had to first uncompress the PDF document in order to be able to find the watermark and replace it with sed. All you do is make the people who are actually giving you money angry, and teaching them to download the book first and share it on gdrive or something. These days, it seems to be the other way around. Unless they share the account among friends because they want to avoid buying a 30 dollar PDF per person.

OGL and Creative Commons is a beautiful example of the original intentions of Copy Right law, to achieve a rich public domain where everyone can add to a media. That’s “only” 87 dollars, priced down from the “regular” dollar cost.

A big theory is that copyright law was brought in because the cost of for example, creating a book or a machine from scratch was an exact art, and ofcourse it took alot of time datermark reproduce these, and so therefor it was put in place that if someone was reproducing these, it’d be at a cost, and therefor most likely there to make a profit.


So even if they encode xyx information in the watermark, someone could and probably would crack it eventually. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

Seriously, what the actual fuck. Just building the process and hiring people to fufill the demand is a huge undertaking for something like a good book or a revolutionary machine. Because of this, we are considering setting up a drivethrurp account on DrivethruRPG. Think of it this way, if you loan someone a CD old school of you then watfrmark fine, when you burn them a copy and you datermark have one then you’ve violated copyright.

Will the DriveThruRPG pdf watermark print? – WFRP Gamemasters – FFG Community

My group plays Fate of the Norns: Resources Find the right game for you! They same people also spend great amounts of money on RPG books. I’m thinking of it as an easier way to handle sharing the book without having to pass around a physical copy between games and at the table, but I certainly don’t want to do anything like piracy. Join Date Jan Posts 20, The first step involves uncompressing the PDF document using pdftk: I don’t know the details, but it can’t possibly be that long, can it?

I personally don’t believe that piracy seriously impacts sales.

It doesn’t seem so bad after you have to spend a few hundred dollars per semester on books that aren’t even that fun: Watermak is used for technical ebooks, and simply puts the name of the purchaser on each page.