It seems that at least once a month or so, I get an email from someone who’s found me online, asking me if they could use dowsing to win the lottery. And if yes . However, when it comes to dowsing for lottery numbers this is controversial. There are people who say that one should not gamble for personal. Free download of Dowsing the Lottery by Gene Morris. that gives us those sporadic yet definitive abilities can also help us pick winning lottery numbers?.

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So, in order to charge your pendulum, and to find out what your ‘SEARCH’ position is, stay calm, find a quiet moment and hold the chain of the pendulum between your thumb and forefinger. There are a number of theories – all relative – as to how the pendulum works.

Because a lot of people maybe not be getting which envelope its in. As to their accuracy? Email Address never made public.

I’v been working with a program I purchase called Silva UltraMind System for are a year now, I’v been working on it on and off diwsing I get so busy with life in general. I found dpwsing it took several months years?

Remote viewing/ dowsing winning lotto numbers! experiment., page 1

Also, for Paul Smith, when you ask to find which envelope the money or panda bear is at, include pictures of those with your DVD dowsimg. We partner with Say Media to deliver ad campaigns on our sites.


Dowsingdowsing the lottery reviewwhat is dowsingwin the lottery. Even searching for precious jewels. Also, i will be looking lotery how you can dowse for lottery numbers by merely using the pendulum. This is because it is taking in your energy. Each one gives varying results. Never repeat the same question.

Dowsing can take many different forms. But my advice would be to keep those numbers for a week or two.

This again is the wrong way to use the pendulum. Fri Aug 27, 8: Good advice, thank you for the tip!

And lothery fact, the pendulum has picked you, rather than the other way round. Having a clear mind is vitally-important in achieving accurate results time and again. Because from the moment we are born, we take all in. Mainly because in the past, there were many thousands of people who used pendulums to dowse for exactly that.

Dowsing the Lottery

Which I find interesting. Fri Dec 12, Even though we may not realize it, our brains stores every bit of information within our subconscious. If it is clockwise then that is a fhe sign, So you simply pull that number away from the rest and mark it down. Mine is a spiritual journey and I hope you are on one too So stick with the numbers.


Say to the pendulum the following, ‘I would like to ask a question. It’s good to meet fellow dowsers. We just have dowsihg figure out which numbers are going to fall on what date of any future lottery being played. Asked whether you can hold the pendulum in your hand.

Either way, this is telling the pendulum that your question has been answered in a satisfactory manner. From the constant practice, and reviewing the DVDs and reviewing my memory of Dr.

That is to say that the pendulum may give you an answer you subconsciously wish for. I thought about this but was reluctant to make up straight tickets. Dpwsing trick is to stick at it.

Pendulum Dowsing: Dowsing for Numbers | HubPages

This ‘spirit’ or ‘guardian angel’ of the person using the pendulum is made aware that you wish to contact them by a simple chant. So far I have tried the Powerball and had two numbers right but the others are in the vicinity. I also used the SilvaMethod which I read in the Silva Method for Business Managers book in attempting to predict the exact 6 winning numbers of a major lottery draw which is played daily here.

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