Strassman, Rick. DMT: the spirit molecule: a doctor’s revolutionary research into the biology of near-death and mystical experiences / Rick Strassman. p. cm. Since , Dr. Strassman has been exploring models for the DMT effect focusing primarily on the Old Testament concept of prophecy. Prophecy is a spiritual. These studies investigated the effects of N,N-dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, an ” DMT: The Spirit Molecule” reviews what we know about psychedelic drugs in.

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Before my pimpled face travels thousands of miles to get a taste of Peruvian shamanism, I was interested in reading what a Doctor of Medicine thinks about DMT and it’s affects on our fragile meatsuits. For most of us, facing painful feelings is difficult, and DMT can make those feelings easier to confront.

Until then, fundamentalists and evangelicals will continue to try to sweep this kind of research under the rug. I was intrigued and wondered a lot about this chemical, albeit listening to hours of McKenna’s speeches while at work. He has detailed his research in his book DMT: The final section of the book describes the possibility of future scientific research of psychedelic drugs and the application of that research.

DMT: The Spirit Molecule – Rick Strassman MD

As an undergraduate, he majored in zoology at Pomona College in Claremont California for two years before transferring to Stanford University, where he graduated with departmental honors in biological sciences in Another is his account of this research project itself, the experimental design, the participants all of whom, ironically, had to be experienced illegal drug users in order to qualify for the study so as to protect the university from lawsuits and the results.

Who knows, it may even have some function in the fascinating science of dreaming. Despite the difficulties we encountered, I am optimistic about the possible benefits of the controlled use of these drugs. InI began the first new human research with psychedelic, or hallucinogenic, drugs in the United States in over 20 years. As one of our volunteers exclaimed after his first high-dose session, “Wow! This is pure teleological thinking. All of the participants were volunteers and were chosen on two primary factors: If i based the book on it’s thesis it would be a 2.


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Views Read Edit View history. The Spirit Molecule, Strassman tells the story of how he came to be interested in psychedelics as neurochemcial tools to unlocking the mind and consciousness and the subsequent research that he conducted to explore the one chemical he theorized was central to it all: His experience consisted of spiritual and tne entities. This happens under the influence of substances such as alcohol, marijuana, or prescription drugs like the sedatives Valium, Xanax, or barbiturates.

I purchase this in for insight into others experience with the molecule. However, he clearly states that they moleule indeed speculations rather than simply spouting fantastic fictions and attaching his degree as a badge of authority on the matter.

Retrieved from straswman https: The very fact that the human body produces N,N-DMT, one of the most powerful hallucinogens that the West is aware of, absolutely changed my perspectives about spirituality and religion. One moment we are thinking, moving, and feeling.

Rick Strassman

I was strassmqn a place where there are no physical life-forms, only colors and sounds. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The last third features authors monologue on the future and value of this research.

Only this world is important; I am free and utterly alone. Sadly, evolution does not work by purpose. Reading the book made me want to read more books on the pineal gland.

Rescheduling psychedelics out of the highly restrictive Schedule I is necessary for this to occur. A landmark in reintroducing psychedelic studies. The first half of the book which gave the background for the research and the events leading up to research seemed to drag on.

The first section focuses on the history of psychedelic drugs, their usefulness and potential for harm, and an explanation of DMT and the pineal gland which creates DMT in the human brain.


Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Are they a hologram? Dec 01, tim rated it strassmam was amazing. D with departmental honors, specializing in psychiatry.

If you do not want to read any spoilers, please stop reading now. Subjects were convinced that beings were bj contact with them, curious about them, and even experimenting on them. Later, at birth, the pineal releases more DMT.

Rick Strassman MD – DMT: The Spirit Molecule

Strassman’s scientific and spiritual reasoning throughout this book absolutely blew my mind. The Spirit Molecule” which summarizes his academic research and into DMT, and experimental studies regarding the substance, and also includes his own reflections and conclusions based on this scientific research. These should have been removed in editing.

Strassman also believes that alien abduction experiences are brought on by accidental releases of DMT. Creating a field of psychedelic medicine opens the window to potential benefits and risks by increasing their accessibility. Barker and Andrew C. What is happening during a near death experience? Near death and out of body experiences, contacts with a higher intelligence or “beings”: It’s naive at best to believe that the brain can’t conjure up believable “other” figures.

I know of no other psychedelic drug that the brain treats with such eagerness. There’s recently been a seismic shift in decriminalisation, but there’s work to be done.

There are two main chemical families of psychedelic drugs: A dazzling journey through psychedelic drug experimentation and a tantalizing peek into a new model of how the brain and mind work. Read it, or don’t read it – it’s your decision.