Augenklappe. SAN 1. Augenkompresse. SAN 4. Augenspülung ultraRINSE SAN 2. Kompressen 10x SAN 6. Inhaltsverzeichnis DIN Standard und ERW gelb DIN A4; 1x Anleitung Erste Hilfe Sofortmaßnahmen am Unfallort. First aid box according to DIN . Bitte beachten Sie, dass die DIN Norm ab geändert wurde. 1x Kälte-Sofortkompresse; 1x Erste-Hilfe Broschüre; 1x Inhaltsverzeichnis.

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Verbandstoff-Füllung nach DIN 13157

But in the budget he is useful helper in distress. Please take care when buying several items that you visit the checkout process only after you have purchased all items. You are legally obliged to return used batteries, so proper disposal inhaltsverzeicynis be guaranteed.

For batteries containing more than 0, per cent of mercury, more than 0, mass percent cadmium or more than 0, included mass percent of lead, is located below the wheeled bin symbol is the chemical name of the pollutant used in each case – where “Cd” for cadmium, “Pb “stands for lead,” Hg “for mercury.

Second Significance of battery icons Batteries are marked with the symbol of a crossed-out wheeled bin see below. You can not inhaltsverzeixhnis at a municipal collection center or on site.

Batteries, as defined above, you can therefore either sufficient postage back to us. Also, we are acting as a distributor of batteries to take back waste batteries obliged, with our take-back obligation on batteries of the type that we carry in our range as new batteries or have performed. Summarizes all the purchases made on eBay to an order if you “pay now” only after purchase of the last item click and calculate the shipping costs.


Note on disposal of batteries 1 Return of waste batteries free of charge Batteries may not be disposed of with household waste.

Die neue DIN 13164 für den Kfz-Verbandskasten

With the help of the practical holder, it can be mounted at accessible locations on the wall. By the immediate crediting of your ihaltsverzeichnis you will receive your article so even faster. Please use the eBay checkout or send an e-mail to arrange an appointment for the pick-up with us. We confirm you email deposited the payment by email to your eBay address.

This symbol indicates that batteries may not be disposed of with household waste. You will receive our bank details after the eBay Checkout if you have selected bank transfer as the payment method. Only then your order will be taken at a single job.

You pay shipping at us once. You can collect multiple items up to 7 days. It summarizes all purchases on eBay unless you “pay now” only after buying the last article click and the applicable shipping costs calculated.

Should you buy multiple items from us, no additional shipping fees are calculated only once the highest shipping charge that is deposited in the articles you have purchased! In this first aid kit, everything is at hand what is needed for emergencies nihaltsverzeichnis the operation or in the household. We send the goods 2 days after receiving your payment, at the latest on the next working day.


Verbandstoff-Füllung nach DIN – Dressings – Footcare – RAUE GmbH

Please use the eBay Checkout “pay now” to complete your purchase. You pick the item from us and paid locally in cash.

We gladly accept your payment via PayPal. A written order confirmation, please contact us by separate e-mail to your eBay registered e-mail address. Provide safety of inhaltsverzejchnis employees and have important information right at hand in case of emergency.

Should an error occur in the summary, please contact us before you send individual payments.

din inhaltsverzeichnis pdf files – PDF Files

Add to favorites Subscribe to newsletter. To effectively provide first aid, is the presence of a first aid kit guidelines mandatory according to occupational safety and health. Please look on the expiry date and the completeness of the contents.