DHTML Utopia: Modern Web Design Using JavaScript & DOM by Stuart contributes to Stylish Scripting: SitePoint’s DHTML and CSS Blog. About The. DHTML Utopia: Modern Web Design Using JavaScript & DOM explores the Document Object Model, remote scripting, Ajax, XML-RPC and. What do Flickr, Google Suggest, Google Maps, and GMail have in common? They all take great advantage of some of the latest modern, unobtrusive DHTML .

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We can obtain the second child in our example HTML an li element as follows:. This tutorial provides an introduction to the basics of JavaScript for the total non-programmer.

This demonstration concludes our experimentation with this particular bit of code.

JavaScript works with the Document Object Model, described in the next chapter, to attach actions to different events mouseovers, drags, and clicks. We can change the mouseover and mouseout functions to do something else — for example, to make popup help content appear — without needing to start from scratch to get it working. If we had another cursor, you could see that the second table is highlighted differently.

DHTML Utopia: Modern Web Design Using JavaScript & DOM

Browsers that don’t support the method will fail the test. Should the bottom-right corner of the full-sized image be in the top-left corner of the viewing area? We utoppia that elthe clicked link, is a link object, and that link objects have an href property. Think of it as though you were shooting a scene for a movie. This procedure caters for all the ways by which we might attach an event listener, using feature sniffing to see which option is available.

There are three ways to get the code: If you have a moderately complex piece of HTML that contains many elements, cloneNode is a very quick way to return a copy of that block of HTML ready for insertion into the document:.

  DIN EN 15635 PDF

Deprecated practices like adding inline event handlers to HTML are completely left out of this book, teaching you the best way to do it from the outset — this is all state-of-the-art stuff.

The previously existing proprietary specifications were retrospectively titled; since the new standard was DOM Level 1, those old and now deprecated methods were called DOM Level 0. Then, if that checkbox is checked, we open the link in a new window:.

Note that, first, we check that window. The code that assigns it has been placed inside a new function, addListeners:.

DHTML Utopia: Modern Web Design Using JavaScript and DOM

Our code will set up listeners only on browsers that do support those methods. SitePoint Order it from SitePoint. Alternatively, you could string JavaScript statements together, using semicolons in the attribute, but this makes the HTML code even more cluttered. Although the full definition of CSS allows you to do some fairly amazing things, and to control the presentation of your pages to a high degree, not every browser supports everything that CSS has to offer.

Thus, using valid HTML gives you more time to spend with your family, play snooker, etc.

Some of the following script may seem a little opaque: This is the crucial line that sets everything up. Every property of an element, and every CSS style that can be applied to it, can be set from JavaScript.

Here are the six items dhml all their detail. That means that this code is good for other applications. To find the other cells in this column, we could iterate through all the rows in the table and find within each row the cell that has the same cellIndex.

If you want to look good, you need to learn how to dress up and go to the gym regularly! A browser that does not run JavaScript at all will simply work without calling any of your DHTML code, so you can ignore it for the purposes of this discussion.


If it does, then it and its corresponding window. There is another useful feature; getElementsByTagName is defined on any node at all, not just the document. In this case, it attaches the handleLink function as a ugopia event listener for each link, so that when a link is clicked, that function will be called.

This is a slightly suspect technique: The browser software captures the user action and sends the event to the right event target. Keeping your HTML valid avoids all these problems.

Any hope of your being able to control the appearance and functionality of your pages across browsers goes right ddhtml the window unless you do this right. The most important page creation step is to check that your HTML is valid. Utterly meaningless, but it looks like what… a warning? The mouseout function does the exact opposite: The big image would eventually disappear off the top-left corner of the viewing area!

Modern Web Design Using JavaScript & DOM

There are two principal methods that can be used to uutopia a particular element or set of elements. This script contains a myScriptInit function, which sets up myScriptEventListener as an event listener. The findTarget function does nothing but find the link tag for a given event. Some Websites open all clicked links in a new window.

A CSS property that was named:. This is the code from the full listing above that is supposed to do this:.