In its standard form the Relook s is a stable, well constructed and easy to use Twin Tuner PVR for FTA satellite programs or for all Pay TV programs with an. I discovered the DGStation Relook s today and it seems quite a good box ( Review Here) Has anyone out there had any experience with. Default anyone still using Relook s Support for the the Relook S ceased a few years ago, and with the demise of the . DGSTATION.

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Play back of prerecorded programs without CAMs.

Active Receiver Producer on the Market ab-com. Stopped Production – Closed Companies. ADT Pixx stop Alpha Star stop Amstrad DL stop Amstrad TK stop Amstrad UK stop Baotong factory stop BEC Benjamin stop Benjamin ACS stop Black Widow stop Blossoms factory stop Captive Works stop Changhong factory stop dhstation Dark Box stop DCT Delta stop DIGI Raum stop Digital Telecom stop DMTsat factory stop Dongsi factory stop Drake TUR stop DY Telecom stop Emme Esse stop Essentiel B stop EZY Box stop Fuzhou Zhuoyi factory stop Galaxy Innovations stop General Satellite stop Globo Deutschland stop Globo Polska stop Golden Interstar stop Gold Sat xgstation Gold Vision stop GranVision factory stop Green Dollars stop GSS Grundig stop Dgstatikn factory stop HB Telecom stop He d stop HGS factory stop Hyundai HDT stop Intek Digital factory closed.


Jetcom factory stop Jiuzhou factory stop KAIVY factory stop Kings Star stop Landsky Technology stop LG Innotek stop Long Long stop Selected Repook and Satellite Systems are only available for Germany: Copyright on pictures and data sheets by the manufactures.

Relook S | TechRadar

Data are included if receiver are announced to be produced or if receiver were put into the marked. We will keep data in this documentation although producer may have dropped this product due to technical or legal right problems! Active Receiver Producer on the Market.

Playback of prerecorded programs without Viacess CAM. Almost Unlimited Channel Memory 10, channels. Enhanced recording schedule management automatic HDD capacity 400z.

Alert the conflict more than two channels are scheduled at same time case.