Such assays are suitable for the measurement of proteins at concentrations >5– 10 mg/L. .. Development of an automated immunoturbidimetric ferritin assay. May 3, Different laboratory methods are used to quantify ferritin . assays and automated equipment developments, and in routine laboratory assays and Seco M. Development of an automated immunoturbidimetric ferritin assay. J. Colloid. Interface Sci. (2): – 3. Borque, L., Rus, A., Bellod, L., and Seco, M.L. Development of an automated immunoturbidimetric ferritin assay.

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Development of an automated immunoturbidimetric ferritin assay.

Diagnostic use of serum ferritin encompasses prelatent and latent iron deficiency as well as iron overloading. Clin Chem ; The covalently coupled isotherms of IgG anti-CRP on carboxyl-modified polystyrene particles nm diameter are shown in Fig. After elution, the released protein was measured using the BCA procedure.

The procedure has been automated using the Falcor analyzer. Development of an automated immunoturbidimetric ferritin assay.

Carboxilated latex particles nm in diameter were covalently coupled with immunopurified F ab’ 2 fragments of anti-ferritin IgG antibodies. Ferritin is an acute-phase respondent, and so individuals with conditions association with an inflammatory response may have elevated serum ferritin levels that are not directly related iron stores.

Parameter values abcorrelation coefficients rand confidence regions were as follows: Among the many commercially available assays for CRP, the most common use fluid-phase or particle-enhanced turbidimetric or nephelometric procedures 7.

We then selected 0. We have developed a new procedure for turbidimetric measurement of ferritin concentration in human serum, based on latex microparticle agglutination technology. Download figure Open in new tab. The ferritin assay is an automated immunoturbidimetric method. Download this assay page in pdf format. It allows lower antibody coverage on the microparticle reagent and provides highly sensitive and robust particle-enhanced turbidimetric immunoassay for serum CRP.


Recent studies of CRP concentrations within the conventional reference interval have suggested new clinical applications. Ferritin is protein that has a central role in the storage of iron.

Coverage was calculated by ferritih the uncoupled IgG present in the supernatants of the first centrifugation, after filtering with a Nucleopore polycarbonate filter pore diameter, 0. The maximum adsorption plateau is achieved at a polyclonal antibody concentrations of 3. Results obtained with the present procedure correlated well with those obtained by a nephelometric procedure and with those obtained by an RIA.

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C-Reactive protein CRP is a ferritln of acute phase response to inflammation that increases rapidly within hours of disease onset. We conclude that this latex turbidimetric immunochemical procedure is simple, rapid, has a good analytical and operational performance on the Falcor analyzer and is well suited for the measurement of ferritin concentration in human serum.

Evaluation of an improved immunonephelometric assay for C-reactive protein [Abstract]. Variability in the measurement of C-reactive protein in healthy subjects: Ceffect of particle size on absorbance at nm. View inline View popup.

Development of an automated immunoturbidimetric ferritin assay.

Posttreatment with additives BSA, surfactants has been proposed 13 14although it reduces IgG charge and reactivity. Skip to main content.

For the immunopurified anti-CRP antibodies, we used a modified procedure consisting of two sequential ferriti coupling steps. In addition, we present a new procedure of sequential covalent coupling of IgG and bovine serum albumin BSA that improves the reagent colloidal stability and could eliminate most of the drawbacks of the light-scattering immunoassays, such as nonspecific agglutination.


Some use expensive monoclonal antibodies, and others use higher sample volumes and antibody concentrations in the reaction mixtures, which can increase nonspecific reactions Polyethyleneglycol PEG is commonly used to increase the immunoagglutination kinetics.

We suggest an alternative approach that uses a small amount of immunopurified antibody and stabilizes the reagent aytomated saturation of free surface with BSA in a two-step sequential covalent procedure.

Evaluation of four automated high-sensitivity C-reactive protein methods: The detection limits for CRP, defined as the mean plus 3 SD of the zero signal saline solutionwere 0. Clin Chem ; A microparticle size of nm and a wavelength of nm were selected as the best choice because imumnoturbidimetric the high slope and wide dynamic range showed.

The most striking feature in Fig. There were no interferences from bilirubin, hemoglobin or rheumatoid factors. Ferritin determinations are widely used for monitoring renal anemia when iron utilization and distribution disorders are feeritin during therapy with erythropoietin. New methods of measuring CRP have lower limits of detection one-tenth those of earlier methods 8 9. Clin Chem ; 45 Suppl 6: The quantitative assessment of body iron. Development and validation of a particle enhanced turbidimetric immunoassay for C-reactive protein.

Research Article Technical Brief. The microparticle reagents were prepared according to a previously published method by the carbodiimide [1-ethyl 3-dimethylamino-propyl carbodiimide chloride] procedure Increased serum C-reactive protein levels by immunonephelometry in patients with rapidly destructive hip osteoarthritis.