Into the Storm has ratings and reviews. Mr. Matt said: Matt Ready and the crew of the USS Walker are on the run from the Japanese when they fin. Into The Storm is the first book of the Destroyermen series of alternate history novels by Taylor Anderson. The main setting of the series is the four-stacker USS . In Into the Storm, the story begins during the Second Battle of the Java Sea. The USS Walker (DD) is a destroyer of the United.

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Other books in the series. These are fairly well known science fiction themes but they get handled well here without burying destroyyermen story. I love historical fiction, especially if it is well thought out and we researched. Read this and you will find out. Based on this one assumption, Robinson weaves a tale exploring almost all so it seems of the possibilities arising from the adjustment of that one simple fact, all the way dfstroyermen the twenty-first century.

From the galley to the engine room and from he bridge to the head!

Book 7, Iron Gray Seawas released in July From being an outdated, forgotten hulk in the Pacific Theatre, the Walker is now the fastest, most powerful ship in the world, if they can find a way to get fuel, ammo, and supplies The case is different here is that the ship enters a parallel world with sentients at basically the bronze age.


I have only a couple of critiques. This one didn’t dissapoint! The entire Lemurian Society down to the odd attitudes and playfulness of the Lemurians, and their huge floating islands were wonderful and exciting to explore.

Retrieved from ” https: They must decide whose side they’re on. I gave the book 4 stars instead of five because, while it was solidly entertaining, it didn’t move me deeply.

Destroyermen – Wikipedia

Jun 02, Hudson rated it really liked it. That was really cool. This was a snoozer that if you see it on a bookshelf at the library, go ahead and just put it back.

The Japanese were rampaging through those waters, destroying Allied Bases and defeating the elderly, outgunned and undermanned U. ghe

You will be so rewarded, mainly by the fantastic cast. During a battle in WW2, a pair of WW1-era destroyers enter destroyermem mysterious storm and are transported to an alternate Earth where dinosaurs never went extinct and humans never evolved.

If your of Asian descent and sensitive to ethnic slurs, this might rankle you. By the time I finished the book I’d decided that this is a 5 star read and that I really want to go right to the next in the season.

Things just got weird for me. Taylor Anderson spent a lot of time on the world building in this alternate Earth, as Captain Reddy the main protagonist and his crew entered ‘another world, another war’ through a squall after a naval battle with a Japanese destroyer. Books by Taylor Anderson. So what is it all about?


Into the Storm (Destroyermen, #1) by Taylor Anderson

The Americans, with their superior technology, can tip the balance of the war in favor of the lemurs, but should they?

It’s how the characters fit together and ths and if I get mad when I should or feel heartbroken when I should. There’s another series of navel novels where a modern day ship gets “jerked” back in time to WWII. Full spead ahead with the review then! The surviving destroyers, Walker and Mahanthen encountered the Japanese battlecruiser Amagi. Oct 28, Mary rated it really deshroyermen it Shelves: What on the surface sounds super, duper original feels to me like a rehash of books that I’ve read before.

Apr 02, Mr. It was not horrible, it was just OK. Into the Storm novel. The battlegroup was devastated, destroyermne the only survivors besides the Walker were those on her sister-ship, the USS Mahan.

Into the Storm

I don’t know yet whether or not I’ll read “Crusade”. Through all the WW2 naval speak, and macho-ness with which all military books ultimately color themselves, Anderson explores speculations on topics such as Geology, Evolution, and Culture. Later they find an abandoned PBY.