levantada por Kohlberg e Ryncarz () no campo do desenvolvimento moral. O artigo consta de três partes. Na primeira parte, Introdução, refiro-me a essa. Presents a review of the literature on prosocial moral development. N. Eisenberg’s prosocial development model is discussed in contrast to L. Kohlberg’s theory. O Desenvolvimento Moral na Idade Evolutiva. Um Guia a Piaget e Kohlberg (Em Portuguese do Brasil) on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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A Teoria de Lawrence Kohlberg: In the Duration list, select 0. Philosophy of Moral Development. Moreover, morals are not natural features of the world; they are prescriptive.

A child with pre-conventional morality has not mpral adopted or internalized society’s conventions regarding what is right or wrong but instead focuses largely on external consequences that certain actions may bring. Click the button next to Direction, and then click From Center third option from the left. morzl

Legal rights are unnecessary, as social contracts are not okhlberg for deontic moral action. Laws are regarded as social contracts rather than rigid edicts. Stage two self-interest driven expresses the “what’s in it for me” position, in which right behavior is defined by whatever the individual believes to desenvolvimenho in their best interest but understood in a narrow way which does not consider one’s reputation or relationships to groups of people.


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In Stage one obedience and punishment drivenindividuals focus on the direct consequences of their actions kohlbefg themselves. This page was last edited on 13 Novemberat Post-conventional moralists live by their own ethical principles—principles that typically include such basic human rights as life, liberty, and justice.

The intentions of actors play a more significant role in reasoning at this stage; one may feel more forgiving if one thinks that “they mean well”. Adherence to rules and conventions is somewhat rigid, however, and a rule’s desenbolvimento or fairness is seldom questioned.

Advances in research and theory. Essays on moral development, Vol.

Revisitando teóricos da Pedagogia: Lawrence Kohlberg

As a result, concern for others is not based on loyalty or intrinsic respect, but rather a “You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” mentality. To reproduce the background effects on this slide, do desenvolvimmento following: Press and hold CTRL, and on the slide, select the large circle and all three small circles.

Conventional morality is characterized by an acceptance of society’s conventions concerning right and wrong. Decisions are not reached hypothetically in a conditional way but rather categorically in an absolute way, as in the philosophy of Immanuel Kant.

There should, however, be a correlation between how someone scores on the scale and how they behave, and the general hypothesis is that moral behaviour is more responsible, consistent and predictable from people at higher levels.


Archived from the original on The theory of ego development and the measure.

Lawrence Kohlberg’s stages of moral development – Wikipedia

Select the middle small circle in the SmartArt graphic. Belkap Press of Harvard University Press. Theories of Development 2Rev ed.

In Stage four authority and social order obedience drivenit is important to obey laws, dictumsand social conventions because of their importance in maintaining a functioning society. They try to be a “good boy” or “good girl” to live up to these expectations, [2] having learned that being regarded as good benefits the self. The Moral Judgment of the Child. The Journal of Philosophy, Vol. Services on Demand Journal.

Specifically important are the individual’s “view of persons” and their “social perspective level”, each of which becomes more complex and mature with each advancing stage. Psychological Inquiry, 4, In the Duration box, enter 1. Psychological Inquiry, 4 To enter text, select the graphic, and then click one of the arrows on the left border. The pre-conventional level consists of the first and second stages of moral development and is solely concerned with the self in an egocentric manner.