Defiance has ratings and reviews. Richard said: ‘Defiance’ just made it to the NY Times paperback best seller list even tho it came out more th. ORAL HISTORY REVIEW. DEFIANCE: THE BIELSKI PARTISANS. By Nechama Tec. N. York: Oxford University Press, pp. Hardbound, $2. Buy Defiance by Nechama Tec at or In this thoroughly researched history, Nechama Tec challenges the notion.

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Vulpes Libris wants to savelibraries! Oct 17, Westminster Library rated it really liked it Shelves: I wish I could like it more, but too many things were disappointing from a moral standpoint. I didn’t find Defiance a page-turner, however. Overall, Defiance is a very worthwhile read, but not a Hollywood-style adventure story.

The Fate of Women The same was true of the costume designer, Jenny Beavan. Soon thereafter, my school and Rotary basically got rid of me.

The Beginning of the Bielski Otriad 5: She was a cool lady and a Holocaust survivor. Aug 30, Jeremy Gibson rated it liked it. She does not adopt an overpowering authorial voice, so the reader has to make up their own mind about who to believe much of the time.

I should begin by saying I read this book because I recently rewatched the movie Defiance about the Bielskis and the Jews who hid in the forest.

References to this book Scapegoat: Defiance paints a very good picture of what life as a partisan was like. Find The Long Walk: As I wandered from one ziemlanka forest bivouac to the next, it was as if pages of my book were greeting me.

His selflessness and desire to help others of all ages and strengths is truly inspirational. It is fascinating to learn how the group survived living off the land and stealing from nearby farmers and peasants. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Something I very much liked about this book, and not easy to transfer onto film, was the way Tec handles the conflicting viewpoints and memories of her numerous story-tellers.


My lives in their hands

In this thoroughly researched history, Nechama Tec challenges the notion that European Jews went passively to their deaths during WW2. In the German army invaded Russian-occupied Poland. The book tells the story of this truly amazing individual and describes how these Jews survived in the forest, how this group of refugees formed a community, how they lived, and how and why they were the most successful and largest group of partisans to make it to safety.

We were very hungry, but the joy of survival strengthened our detiance. It w Mostly what I know about the Jews urging the war cones from school, which was mostly consentration camps and gas chambers, so when I saw the film a coupleof years back, it was great to see a new view and one that showed there were survivors out there.

Truly fascinating, Moira, and thank you for a wonderful review. Creating a Jewish community in the forests, escapees from ghettos had a place to flee before they were slaughtered in mass executions.

During a company move to another location, Roland gave me a private defuance of the largest of the forest camps constructed by the film’s production designer, Dan Weil. The account herein is all the more heroic for its humanity, its struggle, and its imperfection. Conflicting interpretations aside, the overwhelming evidence is that the survival of the Bielski Jews was quite remarkable. Heinrich Himmler Peter Longerich.

Apr 01, Becky rated it did not like it Shelves: In Defiance, Nechama Tec offers a riveting history of one such group, a forest community in western Belorussia that would number more than 1, Jews by the largest armed rescue operation of Jews by Jews in World War II.

DEFIANCE by Nechama Tec | Kirkus Reviews

Very interesting to compare to others who stood up to the Nazi’s, such as Sophie Scholl, Corrie Ten Boom, etc who didn’t compromise their morals. I would also like to commend Tec for her very thorough notes on each chapter, a biographical appendixa tsc and general index, making this book very useful for future research.

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Categories Fiction Non-fiction Children’s books Authors. Tec was also able to interview Zus and Tuvia Bielski before their deaths, whereas Duffy didn’t start writing his book until the brothers excepting Aron, the youngest, who was only a child during World War II were all dead. Th I should begin by saying I read this book because I recently rewatched the movie Defiance about the Bielskis and the Jews who hid in the forest.

Drawing on wide-ranging research and never before published interviews with surviving partisans–including Tuvia Bielski himself two weeks before his death in she reconstructs here the poignant and unforgettable story of those who chose to fight.

After reading countless books that only chronicle Jews by the thousands quietly going to their deaths, it was exciting nchama learn about Jewish Partisan groups who fought back. How frequently did they do partisan activities? Tec brings to light the untold story of Bielski’s struggle as a partisan who lost his parents, wife, and two brothers to the Nazis, yet never wavered in his conviction that it was more important to save one Jew than to kill twenty Germans.

The world I had immersed myself in through countless interviews and archival expeditions had miraculously sprung to life before my eyes. Jun 08, Lilisa rated it liked it Shelves: Apr 28, Daniel L. It wasn’t an easy read by any means, but was certainly an eye opener and an education to a different part of the war. While it’s very difficult to sum it all up, the story and the way these people survived and saved one another was an amazing read. Before the War 2: He defiancce it was more important to save one Jew tha I loved this book.