Breviarium romanum ex decreto sacrosancti Concilii tridentini restitutum, s. Pii v pontificis maximi jussu editum, aliorumque pontificum cura recognitum, Pii papæ . Missale Romanum, ex decreto sacrosancti concilii Tridentini restitutumque Pii V pont. max. iussi editium. Coimbra Ecclesia Catholica—Missale—Toledo. )6 *(+69*@[email protected]+(7&(-*)6+/(48) 4*)6 2.;*)/21(52?. +6) *) (@(4() *. *)8) *-*()*)/) 9 [email protected])*-;(

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Recruitments going against the provisions of the current law Article Amendment of section – Command of Force Compulsory Period of Training Amendment of section 23 – Revised register This results from discussions in the International Labour Office in December on the application of the Convention, and also the experience of Dcereto Organisations and shipowners on the operation of the Regulations.

The Registrar shall register a pesticide or toxic chemical for a specific purpose, which may be agriculture. De la discipline; Section 6: Makes a minor amendment to subsection 4 1.

Registration of small businesses. Article 4 lists the exceptions to the prohibition of filling of vacancies. Amends sections 2 and 26 of the Act and inserts new schedules 1 and 2. Detailed provisions are made for auctioning procedures Secs.

Jurisdiction of superior authority Social Security Amendment Act, No. The eighth part defines rights of the parties in case of termination of service. Functions of Agency including to monitor private childare facilities in order to promote care and protection of children, to provide counselling and similar therapeutic services for children in need of care and protection, to investigate allegations, reports or complaints of abuse or neglect of children, and to promote the rights of the child and public awareness of those rights.


Concerns the first assignment. Amendment of section 91 – Charges against officers and warrant officers Act providing amendments concerning social security matters. Cyprus – Public and civil servants – Law, Act.

Lists reserved questions i. Annex 4 enumerates groups of activities according to the level of dangers with respect to working conditions. Labour obligation means the execution of tasks for legal persons and in bodies of Drcreto administration and for the needs of armed forces of National Defense.

Amends Sections 22, 32 and 36 of the National Insurance and Social Security Benefit Regulations, by providing for increases in invalidity pension for persons entitled to invalidity pension immediately before 21 Mayand by setting minimum amount of weekly invalidity pension at 70 dollars.

General compliance duty 8. Part Seven concerns salaries and allowances. Jurisdiction of Commanding Officer 5.

Decreto | Gabriel Angel Diaz –

Regulates citizenship of British and Antiguan nationals after the termination of association of Antigua and Barbuda with the United Kingdom 1 November Medical Benefits Regulations, SI. From 1 Januarywages are to be increased by another 2 dcereto cent and the minimum raise is 44 pounds per year. Publication of information Sections 21 and 22 prohibit brothels and prostitution.

Reemplaza las disposiciones correspondientes del decreto 22 de The relevant minister can give permission for a policeman or a sergeant to be discharged after its 50th birthday or at any time later than this.

Terms of enlistment and engagement 3. Amendments concerning the powers of Heads of departments in the public service and the Chief Auditor of the Republic. Similarly, employees of public organizations or services resigning in order to deccreto civil servants are given credit for the previous years of employment in particular concerning retirement age and benefits.


Provides that, in all existing laws, references to the Governor are to be construed as references to the Governor-General.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Provides for, inter alia, the procedure of decreo of policemen, their working time and periods of rest, leave and additional leave for dangerous and hard conditions of work, etc. Amendment of section 10 – Establishment of the Defence Board Part Ten governs passages for those selected from overseas for appointment in the civil service in Antigua and Barbuda.

Article 4 determines the calculation of pension benefits. Place of attendance when decreot out Article 2 amends paragraph a’ of 2nd phrase of article 9 by replacing the phrase “the 1st January ” with new phrase “the date of entry into force of the Law of amending the Law on the Retirement Benefits of Employees in the Broader Public Sector, including the Local Authorities – Provisions of General Implementation Amendment ” and by deleting the reservations provided at the end of the paragraph.

Time of deduction of contributions 6.

Article 10 regulates the voluntary premature retirement. Provides for voluntary retirement or voluntary severance made under the Public Servants Voluntary Separation Act, The Principal Act is rectified in section 31 2 a by substituting the word “c” with the word “b”. Amendment of section 9 – Powers and duties of the Supervisor of Elections 9.