The DD Form is used in ITSS to document the acceptance of a Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR). The form is created from an accepted. DD Form , Acceptance of MIPR. Follow the procedures at PGI for use of DD Form [ 71 FR , July Subchapter H – CLAUSES AND FORMS Part – FORMS Subpart – Prescription of Forms Section – DD Form

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B Enter one of the following codes for the size of the business number of employees or average annual gross revenue as represented by the contractor in the solicitation provision at FAR If you attempt to cancel an Incomplete requisition, an error message will display. Select Lines page appears.

C Quality Assurance Capability. This 4488-2 will identify the specific DD Form in DoD’s management information system and will be used for follow-up actions. The numbers entered here are a breakout of the numbers already entered in Sections B and C. Note that this action is different from the Change action, which is used to initiate amendments. B Code S – Single Award. An assessment of the prospective contractor’s capability to follow the laws and regulations applicable to the movement of Government material, or overweight, oversized, hazardous cargo, etc.

Click Checkout and you will be taken through the entire checkout process for the MIPR, including editing the lines and submitting for approval.

The Actions list of values changes it’s values according to which requisition type you select using the Select radio button.

Enter the name last, first, middle initial of the contracting officer or representative. An evaluation of the prospective contractor’s ability to meet flight operation and flight safety requirements on solicitations involving forrm overhaul and repair of aircraft. Enter sufficient detail to establish the identity of the contracting office submitting fofm report in Blocks 2a and b. Enter code Y in Block E4 if the contracting action is in support of a contingency operation, as defined in Express the percentages in whole numbers and decimals, e.


Enter code fotm if the action was justified pursuant to FAR 6. Enter code Z if the contractor is a nonprofit institution defined in FAR The page that displays when you select the View MIPR History action shows you the action and action date along with the office address and contact details of the sender.

Normally, a contracting officer will request an accounting system review when soliciting and awarding cost-reimbursement or incentive type contracts, or contracts which provide for progress payments based on costs or on a percentage or stage of completion. B Do not leave spaces between characters, and do not enter dashes, slants, or any other punctuation marks. gorm

F Code F – Termination for Convenience. Policy on use of a DD Form is in Additional Documents vd regulations. If there are funds remaining in the MIPR, and will not be used to fund other awards, these remaining funds can be liquidated. Complete as indicated on the form.

48 CFR 253.208-2 – DD Form 448-2, Acceptance of MIPR.

Enter a code that identifies the commodity described in Block B12E. Enter code Y if this is an action with a U. Each field contracting office participating in profit reporting shall establish a control system for consecutively numbering completed DD Forms Enter code D if the action resulted from selection of sources for architect-engineer contracts 448-2 to FAR 6. Enter the last day of the month in which the report is submitted.

Sometimes, a class code should be used in addition to a place code to accurately identify the place of performance. Fill out only those other blocks which vary from the data shown on the basic MIPR or a prior amendment.

Table of Contents If fom CAGE code is not already available in the contracting office and the apparent awardee does not respond to the provision at C Code U – Uncertified. Forj Flight operations and flight safety. Enter fd C when a small business concern was solicited but it did not submit an offer or its offer was not sufficient to cover the total quantity requirement so it received a separate award for the quantity offered.


Enter code G if the contracting action is a modification which cancels the contract. B Code 3 – Definitive Contract. Enter code Y if the action was an emerging small business set-aside within a designated industry group under the Small Business Competitiveness Demonstration Program see FAR Subpart A First fkrm second – Treasury Department number identifying the department or agency to which the 4448-2 applies or has been transferred.

Enter four digits for the year, two digits for the month, and two digits for the day. Enter code 6 if the contracting action is a blanket purchase agreement call established with a Federal schedule contractor pursuant to FAR A determination that the prospective contractor’s facility security clearance is adequate and current. Enter the telephone number with area code of the person sd in Block H2a.

48 CFR – DD Form , Acceptance of MIPR. | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

Enter code D if the contracting action is a change order issued under the “Changes,” “Differing Site Conditions,” or similar clauses in existing contracts. Enter the name of the principal place of performance. B If the evaluation preference for small disadvantaged business concerns in construction acquisitions set forth in Subpart Enter code A if the action resulted from an award pursuant to FAR 6. Do not enter parentheses. Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request — Others and Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request — Own the same agency can play the role of requesting agency as well as assisting agency.

An assessment of the prospective contractor’s key management personnel to determine if they have the basic technical knowledge, experience, and understanding of the requirements necessary to produce the required product or provide the required service.