Races of Eberron. This document presents versions of several races from the D&D world of Eberron: changelings, kalashtar, shifters, and warforged. For more . Races of Eberron (D&D manual).jpg. Genre, Role-playing game. Publisher, Wizards of the Coast. Publication date. April Media type, Print. ISBN · 0- Races of Eberron is a supplement to the edition of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing. Complete list of all D&D spells, rulebooks, feats, classes and more!.

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The Dragon Lance Nexus. Everyone decided it makes more sense for the warforged to get it Nothing too incredible there, but it does provide ways to further customize a character and flesh them out more. Hardcoverpages. Memes and images in their respective oof threads are exempt from this rule as well.

I just don’t see the reason for such declarations of game ending brokenness – AC is one of seven defenses, and one of dozens of different mechanics at play. I also think you’re downplaying the impact of AC and HP loss. Christian Kell rated it it was ok Feb 23, Which makes a sort of sense, and the version of the book that I have looks more like a core supplement than an Eberron supplemnt, and more closely resembles books like Races of Stone and Races of Dragon than it does other Eberron books.

Eldritch Wizardry Supplement IV: But, getting advantage on all Wisdom checks while shifted is pretty great. The changeling clothes don’t change when they shape change so that limits it a bit. Then we give the warforged appreciably higher AC than the half-orc will be able to achieve on his own and I think the Warforged is head and shoulders above the half-orc. No DM is going to deny their player the same attention that they give others just because their race is unbalanced from the outset.

It’s more sitcommy than the theme they’re trying for here. I think “Egregious” is a bit hyperbolic.


Races of Eberron

Slightly different, but there’s pros and cons to each. Personally, I’d be happy dropping Unsettling Visage and the limitation on the tool use. So that’s equivalent to full plate Official play assumes characters can’t get Plate until 5th level.

There 3.5 comparisons to be made, and in all of them, the warforged is an egregious mistake of race-to-race balancing and design. Derek rated it it was amazing Mar 22, I like Eberron, and so wanted to learn more about Eberron.

Races of Eberron is a supplement to the 3. Refresh and try again.

Races of Eberron – Rulebooks – D&D Tools

Keith Baker Goodreads Author. At lower lvls you can use your Shifting to supplement your lower number of Rages, then when you can Rage in most combats you can use your Shifting to make your Rage even more powerful. Imagine if you wrote a race that read “You start with a Frostbrand weapon and at racws it turns into a flametongue weapon” Would that be acceptable?

Why would anyone who wants to play a heavily armored melee character be anything but a warforged? Being able to breathe I disagree with – there are tons of situations, even in official modules, where “impassable” barriers are created through the use of bodies of water, poisonous raaces, buildings full of smoke, etc. Saying “well someone should be on watch anyway” makes it sound like you haven’t dealt sberron that much.

What are everyone’s thoughts on these races? Need to wrap up a social encounter, shift for advantage on Insight.

I do feel like the shapeshifting should probably have a use limit. Beasthide Shifters are going to become the go-to for Barbarians.

Races of Eberron

That or give them advantage on Death Saving throws to indicate that they’re physically more durable and can take a beating. Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: It’s not such an advantage that it breaks bounded accuracy because it is possible for other races to match their AC with magical items.

I’d rather they just have a free tool.

The changeling version may not be dispellable, but it also doesn’t affect clothing Huh, I found wildhunt shifters to be very d&r. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Evidently WotC’s doing it a new way, now. If there’s a balance issue, fix it elsewhere.


If a warforged decides to be a fighter, what does a race not optimized for melee even bring to the table at that point? In addition, this book highlights the other major races of the Eberron world, including elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, half-elves, half-orcs, and kf.

Also immunity to disease but I feel like that doesn’t come up often. For real, at 1st level your AC is With Perception being considered the best skill to have proficiency in, you have free proficiency and advantage. But not unfixably so. They have to take something like Defense fighting style to racex so while the WF gets to take whatever style they want, getting that one for freeor they simply can’t match it at all like a 1st level heavy armor user. Skyler rated it it was ok Jul 24, But really, this book introduced a rather shockingly small amount of new material, focusing on reintroducing the races and, what is more likely, making them available to campaign settings other than Eberron.

Disease immunity is something that seems to hardly 3.5 come up, and is oof a level 3 paladin gets, Mot having to eat or drink also hardly comes up, since few DMs track that sort of stuff. I see what they’re trying to do thematically here, but it breaks immersion a little when “Bob the Thief” walks in from rcaes other room every time there’s a locked chest, then disappears mid-dungeon.

The includes the psychology, society, culture, behavior, religion, folklore, and other aspects of the races.