Abstract. VERGARA GARAY, Oscar et al. GROWTH CURVE DETERMINATION FOR CREOLE HAIR SHEEP USING THE GOMPERTZ MODEL IN THE LOW. Estimación de curvas de crecimiento de codorniz japonesa utilizando el modelo Gompertz. Raji, A.O.1; Alade, N.K.1 and Duwa, H 1Department of Animal. El modelo Gompertz en el crecimiento de los cerdos .. La curva de Gompertz permite generar asimetría alrededor del punto de inflexión y alcanza este punto.

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It can however be affected by limiting factor s, that requires the creation of sub-factors variables. This study was conducted to describe the growth pattern of Japanese quails with the Gompertz growth model using body weight measurements dde an unselected, random bred quail population. In addition, curve parameters provide information on growth characteristics.

This page was last edited on 3 Decemberat J Exp Bot The most commonly used functions to estimate animal’s growth have three to four parameters.

Gompertz function

The assumption that there is no competition for resources holds true in most scenarios. Age, weight and maximum gain at point of inflection for male and female Japanese quails were 2. Male and female Japanese quails had almost attained their mature weights at 12 weeks of age. S Afr J Anim Sci Thus, males matured gomperhz than females though the latter had higher mature weight.

Gompertz function – Wikipedia

Birds were weighed weekly from week 0 to week Q Rev Biol Brody suggested that the asymptotic or mature weight, rate of attainment of mature weight and the curvq age at curvva an animal attained the inflection point of the curve are parameters that could be manipulated by geneticists. And it explains difference between males and females Japanese quail in Nigeria. How to start quail production. In the Gomp-Ex model it is assumed that initially there is no competition for resources, so that the cellular population expands following the exponential law.


Despite its popularity, the function initial rate of tumor growth is difficult to predetermine given the varying microcosms present with a patient, or varying environmental factors in the case of population biology. J Appl Anim Res Generally, females appeared to be heavier than males bompertz all ages and this difference increased with age.

How to cite this article. Retrieved from ” https: The model can be written in this way:.

The letters c and a are constants. Thus, this might be an evidence that the Gompertz equation is not good to model the growth of small gomprrtz. Finally, understanding the growth pattern of the Japanese quail will contribute to efforts at improving curba species in Nigeria.

Benjamin Gompertz originally designed the function to detail his law of human mortality for the Royal Society in Differences in A between genders have been reported in the Japanese quail Akbas and Oguz, ; Aggrey et al.

Asymptotic weights from different studies should therefore be compared with caution.

Ello explica las diferencias entre codornices japonesas machos y hembras en Nigeria. Characterization of growth and development of male British United turkeys.


Gomperzt grazing; maturity; tropics. Growth curves in livestock production. It was however higher for males in chicken Aggrey, Many authors also reported that sexual dimorphism was in favour of females in the Japanese quail Aggrey and Cheng, ; Aggrey et al.

Estimation of model parameters of the Japanese quail growth curve using Gompertz model. Proceedings of 6 th Asian Pacific Poultry Congress.

The Gompertz curve or Gompertz function, is a type of mathematical model for a time series and is named after Benjamin Gompertz The application of exponential method in the analysis of growth curve for Japanese quail. Curves Demography Time series models.

Estimación de curvas de crecimiento de codorniz japonesa utilizando el modelo Gompertz

Growth Kinetics of Tumors. A is asymptotic weight when time goes to infinity; B is a scaling parameter constant of integrationwhich is related with initial values of Y, k is relative growth rate and e is eulerian number or base of natural logarithm 2. Views Read Edit View history. The function curve can be derived from a Gompertz law of mortalitywhich states the rate of absolute mortality decay falls exponentially with current size. Note that, in absence of therapies etc.