CS MOBILE AND PERVASIVE COMPUTING. YEAR & SEM: IV & VII Jochen Burkhardt, Pervasive Computing: Technology and Architecture of Mobile. Internet Applications .. Write notes on wireless sessions protocol. 4. Discuss about. The fourth Year,seventh semester Anna University notes for Mobile And Pervasive Computing (Subject Code: CS) is made available. CSMOBILE AND PERVASIVE COMPUTING 4) Explain the various applications of mobile computing. . Write notes on wireless sessions protocol. 4.

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What is station and access point? Point to Point connection with a narrow angle between center and receiver is only possible. There pedvasive no authentication procedure for DHCP messages. Compare the different types of transmission errors that can occur in wireless and wired networks. What is DSDV and explain it in detail. Signals closer to the receiver are received with less attenuation than signals farther away. Explain Protocol architecture of GSM.


Many typical arithmetic floating point operation in this library. What are the primary goal of IEEE What is the use of sequence control field in IEEE Explain the architecture of WAP. Discuss some of the routing metrics to be considered in a mobile network layer.

What are application of pervasive devices? At least one partner is needed for communication.


During operation within a location area, only a temporary identifier, the TMSI is needed. But instead another temporary number reflects the location and any roaming required notss the MSRN is used internally by the system. Where one station is to be heard by others Base Station of mobile network or any other dedicated system polling scheme can be applied.


The sender now retransmits the missing packets before the time expires.

How dynamic source routing divides the task of routing into two separate problems? It is similar to Wi-Fi but it allows longer distance connections. State the features of M-TCP. Sending a signal via HA not needed. The routing is needed to find a path between source and destination and to forward the packets appropriately. What are the three classes of transaction services in WTP?

What are the advantages exhibit by WLANs? TMSI is a temporary mobile subscriber identity, it is used to hide the IMSI, which would give away the exact identity of the user which is signaling over the air interface. Explain in detail about Bio-Metrics. What are the sub layers of physical layer in Differentiate Passive and Active scanning?

What are the functions offered by WTLS?

CS Mobile And Pervasive Computing Lecture Notes (All Units) – Edition

In digital radio communications such as GSM multipath can cause errors and affect the quality of communications. What lowers the data rates available to a user? What are the supplementary services offered by GSM?

Adaptive modulation systems notees rate of transmission and bit error rates by exploiting the channel information that is present at the transmitter. Channel characteristics from one direction to other and vice-versa are same.


The three service primitives offered by WTP are. A transaction is defined as a request with its response. Registration can be done in two different ways. What are the two basic classes of handover? Explain the GPRS architecture. What contains in Mobility binding? What are the two things DSDV adds to the distance vector algorithm? List the different types of logical channels it peervasive. Say something about the push architecture of WAP. Explain ca2402 handover scenarios of HiperLAN2 in detail.

The goal of researches working in pervasive computing is to create a smart products that communicate unobtrusively. The Dynamic host configuration protocol DHCP is mainly used for the simplification of installation and maintenance of networked computers.

The access scheme has the problems under heavy or light load, depending moile the size of the contention window CWthe random values can either be too close together, mobille too many collisions and cause unnecessary delay. What is burst and burst error?

All user-related data is encrypted. What is the function of recursion control field in generic routing encapsulation?

Important packets in Define foot print with respect to satellite systems.