Jules, a high school student, lives with her family above their restaurant in the suburbs of Chicago. Their restaurant rivalry with the Angotti. Crash is a great, suspenseful, interesting book that always kept me hooked and wanting to keep reading. The DeMarco family, Jules, Rowan, Trey, Paula and. Crash by Lisa McMann. Crash is a romance/suspense novel with a touch of the paranormal and a Romeo and Juliet theme. Jules (Julia).

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We all have different opinions. Her inner voice cracked me up! Crash Trade Paperback Some readers would probably think the ending had a crazy plot twist, but with the writing style, it wasn’t hard to predict situations and the ending even after one sentence. I ju Review first published on Reviewing Wonderland.

The crash stalks her relentlessly. I felt like I was reading a middle grade fiction book with the way the character behaved and sometimes talked. Crash has truly left me in awe, I loved how the visions were handled, I loved how every character had a unique personality, I loved the family dynamics and most importantly, I loved the fluid writing.

The beginning of the end This book is much more than just another paranormal story. As much I wanted to like this, I couldn’t find myself to.

Children’s Book Review: Crash by Lisa McMann. Simon Pulse, $ (p) ISBN

Nov 22, Giselle rated it it was ok Shelves: Jules is a typical sixteen year-old, but she faces quite a few heartbreaking problems. All of the family is struggling to cope with the father’s hoarding problems, while working hard to keep the family business alive. The main focus of the book, however, is Jules and her visions.


And retreated how families thinks about it with honesty. Actually now that I see it written in black and white I am a little surprised at my original enthusiasm. This is my fourth Lisa McMann book the first of my second series and I thought it was pretty decent.

Once layer after layer gets peeled away, you’re left wondering how anything could be right in the end. Every blink is a sweeping drama, a sexy ornament, a mating ritual. Also, the other characters were really well explored. Simple, beautiful and a bit creepy.

Crash by Lisa McMann by Jasmine T on Prezi

The end had a sort of cliffhanger to it. Jules comes to the conclusion that she is being told that she must act if she wants the visions to stop. This was just an OK read.

When their parents find out about their friendship they are not too pleased, and Sawyer drops Jules like a hot potato. Unnecessary to the plot and a bit of misguided intolerance in what is otherwise a good novel with a beautiful cover.

Haha…I had pizza for dinner two nights in a row! And hopefully, the main plot won’t be the sub plot. I loved how easy it was to get in the story and let it entertain us for few hours. But Jules mcamnn seeing this vision of a terrible explosion McMann stirred up my pizza addiction big time! This is the beginning of the snow that I see in the vision, I think. I know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but I enjoyed it.

By the looks of it, this should be a two or one star rating.

» Crash by Lisa McMann

By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Someone she has been in mc,ann with for as long as she can remember.


The vision is giving her clues, and soon Jules knows what she has to do. I mean, my grandfather killed himself—he had a wife and kids and grandkids, and a business that he loved, and he just ended it all. If you’re looking for a light paranormal read with a contemporary feel, look no further, Crash most definitely fits the bill. I did garner a trace of curiosity on how it would play mcnann when she tells someone about them.

I highly recommend this book to lovers of romance, thrillers…heck everyone should read this one! It’s a fast read and really light.

So, it comes to no surprise that Jules isn’t allowed to see Sawyer, and vice-versa for him. I wish it so hard. When Jules started having visions of Sawyer dying in a horrific accident involving a crash and explosion, she ignores all her resentment and abandonment issues toward the boy that she’s loved forever. In this riveting start to a gripping trilogy from New Mcmsnn Times bestselling author Lisa McMann, Jules has to act—and act fast—to keep her vision from becoming reality. It’s timed right, though fast-paced and ripe with suspense.

If what you see is what you get, Jules is in serious trouble. Writing reviews for books like this suck. Preview — Crash by Lisa McMann. CRASH was a lot of fun

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