tipos de craneo. normocefalo o mesocefalo dolicocefalo (en nave) braquicefalo ( aplanado) turricefalo (pico) micro macro. triangulo anterior del cuello. tipos de craneo study guide by hugoberx includes 12 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. craneo proporcional al resto del cuerpo dolicocefalo. Nariz: tamaño. Tabique nasal: posición. Mucosa nasal: permeabilidad, olfato, aleteo nasal. Coriza. Oídos: forma, tamaño, posición, simetría.

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The most abundant racial contribution among the primitive “EEF” Early European Farmers described by modern population genetics. The main Eastern Neandertal sites are marked as an orientation.

If the Dolivocefalo face is placed looking upwards, the shape would be similar to that of a cone with its apex on the nose tip. Distribution of White Nordids could be vaguely connected to the A blood type. The birth of agriculture.

The philtrum the medial cleft extending from the nose to the upper lip, dividing the moustache in two, dolicicefalo known as infranasal depression is broad and clearly marked, in such a way that the central tips of the upper lip look doliccocefalo and confer a slight “fed-up” expression, in the style of classic statues. According to it, R1b rose in northern Spain, I in the Balkans and R1a in Southern Russia, and all of these populations simply moved north during the deglaciation, colonizing all Europe.

Curvoccipitaly highly convex occipital and parietal bones. Another fact that supports this idea is that nowadays, highly Armenid individuals maintain a slender and lean physical constitution despite doolicocefalo a strongly cereal-based diet; this implies they assimilate starches better than, for instance, Red Nordids. The isolation and constitution of closed reproductive communities played a key role in evolution.

The former hunting territories doliicocefalo the Cro-Magnon communities except for maybe those of the Bosnian-Croatian zone were deserted: Red Nordids are incandescent, red, corpulent and orange-haired, whereas White Nordids are golden, athletic and blond, Armenids brownish, gracile and with black hair, and so on.


The lowest levels are found in Greece, specifically in Thessaly, that hosted the first Neolithic cell of continental Europe Sesklo-Dimini sites and was the gateway for agriculture in our continent. Primitive races have an instilled instinct to procreate with the modern ones. This developed them as an athletic, graceful, gymnastic human type, and when the climatic conditions got milder, this probably became craneeo apparent.

craneo dolicocefalo pdf

Under these conditions, having the slightest patch of melanin was probably the worst of curses. This is about the history of our blood. The reason why Cro-Magnon can be related neither to the Red Nordid race nor to the R1b lineage is that during the period that Cro-Magnon appears in Europe, the K eolicocefalo early precursor of Rwas to be found nothing less than in Central Asia.

Like any double-edged weapon, Genetics also has a dark side: R1a is associated with Slavic, Aryan and Indo-Aryan populations. Dental configuration is very related to craniomandibular configuration, that has a decisive influence on the brain and is the result of dietary adaptation. This is because they descend from ancestors who almost never received sunlight exposition due to their necessity of protecting themselves from the cold with animal skins.

Dolicocephalic long seen from the side, little width, narrow temples. Related to the sky. Two probably doicocefalo, although they are not yet known are the genes that influence the iris pigmentation: Nose with a low nasal bridge and a fleshy tip.

According to paternal lineages, CF proto-Khoisanid derived on one side to C giving rise to C3 and the Mongolid race and on the other side to F, giving rise to the Armenid race and all its lineages, including the Nordid races, which almost certainly descend from Armenids. Only a lie requires speech laws, kommissars and gulags. The fauna likewise changed: In plain language, this race has a hard time with heat and sunlight.


This race is not shrewd, not because it lacks intelligence, but due to an “angelical” way of understanding the world.

Pheomelanin reaches high levels in the hair of redheads and in rosy areas, or areas with a tendency to blush, of people with fair features —not only among eurodescendants, but also among individuals from Eastern Asia who carry some Red Nordid traits. The consequence of this aberrant state of affairs is that the primitive races have been developing beauty and physical attraction at a slower pace than modern races.

Consider this website promoting marxist wealth redistribution in Colorado. Predominantly White Nordid with some Red Nordid contribution.

Europa Soberana: The new racial classification (I)

It must not be forgotten that all the gestures of sharing skin and breath, from a pat in the back to a sexual relation and shaking hands, hugging, kissing, caressing, etc. The Red Nordid race is probably around 50, years old. There is a possibility caneo all these lineages are Armenid. This is a directed process for genetic improvement, conducted under the umbrella of Eugenics and genetic engineering. Publicado por dolicocefal arian en This article is incomplete without the future second part.

Thus, gracile mammals such as Plesiadapis, Smilodectes, or the more ape-like Aegyptopithecus, are thought to be ancestors of the hominids. To research the paternal lineage only speaks about one of them, and maternal lineage, about another.